How to become a student?

If you are interested in this unique opportunity please choose from the following options –
1. Personalized training program (no monitoring) – $250 US per month
2. Personalized training program (full supervision via recorded video, complete monitoring of progress) – $400 US per month.

My paypal account is

For those wanting to enroll immediately, please answer the following questions and email to

1. Personal details

• Full name • Country • City • PL Federation

2. Date of birth

3. Height, body-weight

4. Best competition results

5. Best gym results

6. Date of next competition

7. Provide Sheiko with one month of your previous training program

8. Provide video of your squat, bench press, deadlift

9. Are you drug free?

10. Lifestyle

• Work schedule in detail • Amount of sleep per night • Number of meals per day


It is important that all programs are altered to suit your capabilities and lifestyle.