Press Release

Boris Sheiko’s New iOS App Brings Certainty to Weight Training Results.

People have been going to the gym and trying to forge better bodies for a long time.
Most soon discover that it’s a long process fraught with conflicting information about
what to do. Who you trust becomes a make-or-break decision. As of today, getting
results in the gym will be far more of a certainty. Boris Sheiko, acclaimed trainer of
dozens and dozens of world champions and world record holders, is proud to
announce his new weight training app for iOS— “Sheiko”.

“Sheiko” will take you from a beginner in the weight room all the way up to an
advanced athlete. The entire path through the different stages of development is
mapped out. All that is required is the will to succeed. Individual training plans are
built upon decades of experience with athletes from across the world at varying skill

There are no promises of overnight results with only minutes of exercise per day.
Instead, the work will be hard with the training segmented into stages, each
designed to incrementally advance training results. These are real plans used by real
champions from someone who has validated his methods on the international stage
over and over again. They have literally made people’s dreams come true.

The thousands of exercise variations found in other apps, and the confusion this
variety causes, are whittled down to the most effective variations, providing a clear
focus. Actual competitive athletes demonstrate on video the proper execution of
each exercise. With similar clarity of focus, only graphical workout metrics strongly
correlated with performance are presented to the user. Meanwhile, an extensive
knowledge base fills in any gaps. This is what results-oriented training looks like.

Workouts are generated automatically with the touch of a button. The entire process
of creating, going through a workout, and saving it has been optimised with the aim
of reducing total user actions needed to the absolute minimum. The belief is that the
easier it is to use, the more consistently it will be used. And the more it is used, the
better the training results, aligning with the overall app philosophy of getting users
tangible results. “Sheiko” officially marks the end of an era of empty promises in the
weight room.

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