In 1997-2007 I was coaching at the sport club “Irbis” (Ufa, Russia). There were great conditions at this club to prepare Powerlifters to a very high level. The Powerlifting team from the Republic of Baskortostan (region of Russia) was formed with 80% of Powerlifters from our club. We won the Russian Championship 7 times, and won the Russian Cup 7 times, by team points. Lifters from the “Irbis” club won gold medals of World Championships 21 times, and European Championships 19 times (open, junior and sub-junior categories).

The club had its own website. The very first time my training programs were uploaded to the internet. A Canadian citizen born in Russia Andrey Butenko was the first person who translated my programs into English. Then I came across translations of my book “Powerlifting” (year of release – 2005). Then I saw many Powerlifting programs named “Sheiko programs” but very often they were not my programs.

My programs which appeared in printed newspapers and magazines had a very important notification: “approximate program”. Every lifter has to alter the program according to his/her own ability. It is absolutely impossible to create a universal program for everyone! Nobody is able to do it! That is why the most effective program is written according to individual physical, technical and functional analysis of athletes.

Boris Sheiko