How to use unmonitored Sheiko programs.


– The unmonitored programs are written without any knowledge of your physical and mental state during the month of the program. You will need to adjust these programs to suit your current health, lifestyle and capabilities.You must use a percentage of an actual result in competition.
– If you use a percentage of a desired result (not real), you will inevitably find yourself in a state of overtraining and fatigue! This will lead to a nervous condition causing loss of sleep and appetite leaving you with no desire to train, with diminishing results.
– All programs are written as follows:
70% 3×2. It meeans: 70% of your best result, 3 reps, 2 sets
– If you find this percentage too difficult – reduce the load by 5-10%, but the number of reps and sets remain the same.
– If you do not have access to the equipment needed for these programs, change the exercise to another which is consistent with muscle group being trained.
– It is important not to test your personal best lifts between parts of whole program, only attempt this when the program recommends that you do so.
– If you do set a personal best lift in a competitive exercise – only use a new % for this exercise if there is at least 1 month remaining until your competition. If there is less than 1 month remaining – do not change anything. A new % will begin after the competition.


Boris Sheiko.