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Author Topic: Beginners1/CMS and CMS/MS bench cycles  (Read 3896 times)


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Beginners1/CMS and CMS/MS bench cycles
« on: October 06, 2017, 01:33:48 PM »
First and foremost, these bench-only programs are not set in stone and should make them work for you. You should read Sheiko’s statement on his programs if haven’t already. Personal circumstances determines what changes you need to make to the programs but it is advised not to change the overall structure.

That being said, let us get to it. I have collected the Beginners 1 / CMS bench only and the CMS/MS bench only (does include some squattings). These are higher level programs and requires that your technique is solid. If your technique is not solid start out with a lower level program and read what Boris has to say about technique. If your technique is solid, use it as inspiration to improve your technique. His says amongst others the following:

“Barbell Bench Press - it is the simplest exercise in powerlifting (in terms of biomechanics) yet there are still some easy ways to make improvements. The bench press starts with the setup, not when you already are lying on the bench. There are several ways of setting up for your bench press (see:

Chose the setup that you are most comfortable with and gives you the highest and most stable arch as it creates the most stable pressing foundation. Before putting your butt in the bench you either self un-rack the bar or gets a lift-of.
Now you are ready to start lowering the bar to the chest. After touching your chest/pausing it at the chest use your legs to support and create initial momentum of the chest. Getting that initial momentum off the chest helps you through sticking points / dead spots in the lift”.
Boris have put up a couple of tips and tricks that might be of use:
1) Use the legs for support and to create initial momentum
2) Always try to increase the height of the bridge, it helps to make your body a spring and reduce benching distance
3) Use the widest grip you can
4) a. Prep cycle: If you want to press more, you will need to press more
b. Comp cycle: It is better to be undertrained than overtrained.
5) Try to always make a powerful lift off the chest, it will help you quickly pass the dead point
6) Increase the strength of the hand muscles, weak arms - weak bench
7) A large training load in the range of 60-70% (5-6 reps) will make your technique perfect
8 ) In the range of 70% or higher, try to always use the help of a spotter: for safety reasons, not to lose the power to lift, and to save your bridge
9) No bounces
10) Do a competition pause on the first rep of each set, if you want to - pause on each rep
11) Increase your result by using different variations of the bench press
12) Do the last heavy bench workout 14 days before the event
13) For effective workouts you need: slingshot, board, & chains, dumbbells, machines
14) All world records in the bench press were set by athletes that held their shoulder blades together through the lift
15). Inhale, hold your breath, lower the bar, press, exhale - in the interval 70-100% of ROM.

To choose the right program find your classification here:

For lifters that are a minimum of beginners 1:

For lifters that are a minimum of CMS:

These programs have been published and been floating around for years so if you want updated and customized programs choose the sheiko app.

iOS app: All programs, progress tracking, bar path analysis, workout notes and video demos

Android app: All programs, progress tracking, workout notes and video demos

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Re: Beginners1/CMS and CMS/MS bench cycles
« Reply #1 on: August 18, 2019, 10:51:50 PM »
Hello. Could You maybe upload those programs again? Thanks