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Author Topic: Breaking Five Year Bench Press Plataeu after Two Months Sheiko!?  (Read 1875 times)


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This morning after running with the Sheiko program using the Sheiko GOLD app, I tested my bench press 1RM.

I wasn't expecting a good result so quickly especially after being sore from a large squat session on Monday and working outside replacing fencing at home most of yesterday.  However, the weights have been feeling light lately and I wanted to see how going for a 1RM would work in the app before a bench press competition I've entered in May.

To my surprise, when I got down to the singles my lifts felt really good instead of grinding to a halt as usually happens.  72Kg felt more like 65Kg so I was really surprised when the app wanted to lower my weight.  I knew I could do more so cautiously raised it to 73.5Kg, which popped up with surprising ease.  Although on paper I have lifted more before, I've never lifted this much weight so convincingly and know the spotter didn't assist.  This was also with good competition form, unlike previous attempts that were almost certainly assisted by the spotter.  Instead of going for 75Kg, which I know I could have lifted, I followed Sheiko's advice and dropped the weight.  75Kg or more can wait until the competition - all being well :)

This is a huge deal because looking back through my notes, 72.5 to 77.5Kg has been my absolute best lifts over the last five years, which I believe all had a certain amount of spotter assistance.  Over that time I've tried every routine I could including; Paul Carter's Base Building, Westside Barbell Conjugate, Stronger By Science internet program, Renaissance Periodization's powerlifting program, Powerlifting over 50, and they all resulted in either hitting the wall or getting injured.  Now, finally, I seem to have found a program that's giving me confidence that these barriers can be overcome and without the high risk of injury.
My squat and deadlift are still held back by my hamstring injury but thankfully the usual working intensities don't cause an issue.  Once this injury is passed, I'm sure these lifts will improve quickly and hopefully surpass my previous PRs, again 5-6 years ago.

BTW, I weigh 59Kg and a Masters III lifter.

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Re: Breaking Five Year Bench Press Plataeu after Two Months Sheiko!?
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That's awesome! I'm glad to hear Sheiko Gold is working out well for you. Keep up the good work.  8)