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Author Topic: Which program to run from the app  (Read 2392 times)


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Which program to run from the app
« on: March 05, 2018, 02:37:28 PM »

Just bought the app. I have 9 weeks left for a meet, and planning to run sheiko for it. I assume the programs called "competition" are peaking ones. Is preparation just a normal strength block? So I should pick a preparation one followed by competition?

What does the small/medium/large load mean? Is it just the volume? How should I pick?

Also, I heard that there was a program (or more) specific to the bench, but I don't see it in the app. How do I get it?


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Re: Which program to run from the app
« Reply #1 on: March 09, 2018, 08:14:59 AM »
Android doesn't have the bench programs yet but should be in beta testing now.

If you want to train 3 days per week, use the intermediate programs. If you want to train 4 days per week use the advanced programs. The best place to start is with medium load. Run that and if you need more, switch to large. Less? Switch to small. Easy.

Count backwards from your competition date and start the medium load wherever that puts you and run cycles in order (e.g., prep 1, prep 2, prep 3, comp).