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CMS, MS, & MSIC (4-day programs) / Re: 4 Day Program
« on: June 23, 2015, 02:25:28 PM »
Thank you for answering! Yes you are right in the app the medium load and large load program is same on this day.

CMS, MS, & MSIC (4-day programs) / Re: 4 Day Program
« on: June 23, 2015, 02:06:43 AM »
I have one question about preperatory block 2, week 2, day 4 (or 6).

In the excel file this is

Deadlift 2 pause above and below knees
Incline shoulder press
Lats muscles

In the app it is

Deadlift up to knees
Incline bench press
Deadlift from blocks
Leg press

Is there some reason this is different? I did the app version and the deadlift from blocks felt really heavy. 4 sets 3 reps on 95%. I never saw this heavy, usually deadlift from blocks on 95% is 3 sets 1 repetition.

Thank you for your answer. In the 3-day program I only trained deadlift to knees and it always felt really easy. It will be interesting try deadlift with pause (and then continue the lift) it probably can helpful like you say!

Now I have had my test competition on last week of #32v2. I skipped squats and made 150 kg benchpress, it felt like I had 5-10 kg more in me. Then i tried second time on 250 kg deadlift and failed. I lifted it 10 cm off the ground and got stuck. I tried get the bar moving again but I ended up just holding it there for about 5 seconds.

Now I'm finished with all 12 weeks and think about starting the 4-day program. Does anybody have any thought about how I can get better where I have my sticking point in deadlift? I have trained deadlift from boxes that are 20 cm, probably I should train with 10 cm boxes? I have trained deficit deadlift off an eleiko plate that i estimate is 6-7 cm high. I read somewhere that it should be from a 10 cm platform, is it correct? I think i would have a hard time keep my back straight in the bottom position but probably it would be better after a while I guess..

Old maxes

Final result

I'm happy with the results and it feels like I have a little more kg's in the squat and bench. And not far away from a 600 kg total :)

*Body weight before
125 kg.

*Maxes before
Squat: 190 kg
Bench press: 140 kg
Deadlift: 240 kg

*Program - over/under 80kg

*Did you modify it? yes/no
I followed the program exactly. Just added a some sets of light biceps curls, rotator cuffs internal/external rotation and facepulls every week.

*Body weight after
125 kg.

*Maxes after 8 weeks
Squat: 200 kg
Bench press: 147.5 kg
Deadlift: 240 kg

*Any other thoughts/feedback
I really have enjoyed training this program. A couple of days I felt really tired and the weights felt heavy, but most of the time I have felt explosive and strong despite training at heavier weights with higher frequency than i usually do.

The bench press felt easy, easier weights than i normally use, but the higher frequency seemed to work good!
When i benched on test day it felt like I had more to give.

Concerning the squat, the 190 kg lift felt easy. When i tried on 200 kg I felt a little nervous during the lift and fell forward a little. It felt heavy but I think I had some more kg's in me.

The deadlift on 240 kg felt really heavy and when I tried on 250 kg it came up maybe 10 cm. Maybe I was tired after the test day before or just generally tired but it doesn't feel impossible that I will make the lift soon.

I will continue with the last three weeks of the program now and after I will try 150 kg bench press and again 250 kg in deadlift and hope it will work out for me then. I adjusted my maxes in the program after the test days and today i did the first workout of the week and I felt really tired and exhausted. I look on fridays squat and it doesn't look easy.

I will update when I'm finished with the last weeks and after I want try the 4 day program.

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