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Universal Topics / Questions about Sheiko Gold
« on: May 12, 2020, 02:43:57 AM »
Hi everyone, I'm pretty excited to start Sheiko Gold but i never used Sheiko before. I got a lot of questions so bare with me lol:

1) For the basic exercises, how would I know which 4 exercises to do/toggle (should I just toggle the ones I’m familiar doing)? If I’m weak off the chest, weak off the floor for deadlift and weak at the bottom for squat; how would you select the basic exercises? Just a lot of new variations that I have never seen before. I prefer to get experts view on these!
2)When I toggle 4 of the active basic exercises, do the other basic exercises appear throughout the programming?
3) How do I take full advantage of this app if I am looking to maximize my bench, squat and deadlift? Would setting competition date every 16 week be best in maximizing the big 3? If there’s a better way, please let me know. Also, why and when do people use the manual mode?
4)  After the 30 observation period, does the AI program 4x a week or we can set it ourselves?
5) For Additional exercises – how do you guys program your accessories? Back work everyday? – can you guys share what kind of accessories you do after your main work.

Thanks! Loving the App so far, really easy for users to navigate through.

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