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I'm currently running my 2nd cycle of the 3day program +80kg.
I feel like the deadlift frequency is a little low for me. I have to try to find the groove again very time I do regular DLs. Mostly the set-up is falling apart.
For this I'm thinking about implementing some changes for the next cycle.
1) Lock-out is my absolute strong point in the DL. Therefore I would like to replace the block-pulls for regular DLs. I would decrease the stated percentages by 5%.
2) The deficit DL seems really light. I'm thinking about increasing these by 5%. Lift-off is, by far, my weakest point in the DL. And still these prescribed percentages feel very light.
3) I would like to replace some "chest-muscles" assistance by light-weight DL's or deficit DL's. Only in case the previous 2 point would still not suffice.

As a very last resort I could replace the bench press, on day's with 2 bench sessions, by DL. But that might be a step too far. ???

I lift conventional but I'm thinking about trying sumo again. I tried sumo for some time and liked it, but I got some pain in the hips. It might have been technique.

I have a friend who's also doing the 3day program. Currently he's 1 week ahead of me in #37v2.
We would like to have a mock-meet together.
How do we best synchronize our trainings for this mock-meet?

I've just bought a pair of kneesleeves. I'm planning on using them when I get sore patella tendons. That happens sometimes when I do some volume on the squats like #37v2. My intention was to use them only when I feel pain AND on (mock)meets.

My plan is like this:
Squat without sleeves as much as possible. Do the test day (in the >80kg 3 day program: #32v2 week 1) without sleeves and use this number for the next cycle.
After the test-days till the meet I will train with sleeves to get used to them.
Do a (mock) meet with sleeves and set a PR. But this PR will not be used for training.

Is this a good idea or should I do it differently?

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