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*Body weight before
105 kg

*Maxes before
180 - 127,5 - 235 (april 2014)

*Program - over/under 80kg
Over 80 kg

*Did you modify it?
Yes, I did stiff legged deadlifts instead of GMs and front squats instead of leg press. In week 4-8 I added light stiff legged deadlifts to the end of one squat workout.

*Body weight after
106 kg

*Maxes after
Week 9:
190-145-240 (+32,5 kg total)

Week 12:
182,5 - 135 - 230

*Any other thoughts/feedback
I was impressed with the gains in week 9, but the last weeks of the competition period didn't seem to prep me well for the final maxes/competition. (Still increased comparing week 12 to before the program, but I'm bothered by the fact that I wasn't at peak strength at the end of week 12.)

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