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Author Topic: Deadlift plateau  (Read 607 times)


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Deadlift plateau
« on: August 28, 2020, 07:00:52 PM »
My previous cycle (3 day), i tweaked my right hip before test day but my max went to 180/100/200 to 190/105/205. My hip still hurts but pushed through the last day (mock meet) my squat went up by 2.5, benched the same, but my deadlift dropped by 15kg.

My latest cycle (4 day small load), my hip doesn't hurt. During my test week (>98kg bw),i tested my maxes day 1 (bench, deadlift) 110-205 and day 2 (squat) 202.5. During my mock meet (94kg bw), i lifted 115kg on bench. Squats and Deadlifts went horribly. I can only lift 95% 192.5kg on my squat and <100% 200kg on deadlift  (both failed at <105%, squats out of the hole, and deadlifts below the knees).

I also noticed i lost weight because i eat and sleep less cause of classes.  I also noticed some form breakdowns during my prep. What prep cycle can you recommend? should i pick a smaller volume, higher volume, or the same? I'm planning to fix my form, lose weight (for health) and at least maintain my strength next cycle.

Any advice is helpful, Thank you for reading.
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