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finishing up with intermediate large load, made fairly decent progress on squat/deadlift and none on bench. Should I move on to the 4 day advanced? or repeat the intermediate large load with some extra volume for bench?

Im currently doing the UNDER 80kg spreadsheet (or the large load intermediate) and on week 4 on the second workout of the week the app has me doing deadlift to my knees, while the excel sheets just states regular deadlifts. Which one should I doing?

CMS, MS, & MSIC (4-day programs) / prepping for upcoming meet
« on: August 16, 2015, 09:18:51 PM »
my meet is coming up in 9 weeks but I'm taking this week to deload so 8 weeks of training. how would I prep for it with the sheiko app? i'm going to be in 75kg class and my lifts are 165/110/215 kg.

the app placed me in advanced medium load prep cycle 1 but what templates should i do with only 8 weeks? thanks

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