boris sheiko

Сoaching powerlifting for 25 years.

Why Sheiko is one of the best in the world?

Developed 9 IPF world champions, who received 40 gold medals.
Head coach of the Russian powerlifting team from 1999 to 2005, which was undefeated in international competition, winning 7 European and world championships with every athlete achieving not less than a bronze.
Developed methodology, with a deep understanding of the training process and perfecting technique.
Boris Sheiko is the only person in Russia who is a Professor of Powerlifting. Published 150 articles, and 15 books on powerlifting
Boris Sheiko coaches athletes of all levels, in the gym and online.Boris Sheiko only coaches those who are ready to work. To be considered by Sheiko to join the Sheiko Team, you will need to send videos of current lifts and identify short and long term goals.

sheiko's training method

  • Proper distribution of volume during the preparatory and competitive periods;
  • During a single training session, an athlete performs a single exercises twice, but in different variations;
  • Correct preperation and tapering of the athlete for competition;
  • Maximum emphasis on setting and continually building technique;
  • Variety of specific exercises for the correction of technical errors;
  • Thorough analysis of work completed by the athlete to prepare a training plan with ideal amount of volume for the following month.

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Mark Bell

Owner of Super Training Gym, inventor of the Sling Shot, founder of Power Mag

Max Aita

Owner of Max's Gym

Stan Efferding

World's strongest IFBB Pro bodyduilder

Jesse Burdick

Coach, pro pwerlifter, owner of powerwod.com

Chad Wesley Smith (USA) owner of Juggernaut Training Systems, US record powerlifter, coach

Boris Sheiko's reputation as one of the World's greatest powerlifting coaches is well deserved. He has a masterful understanding of technique, programming and perhaps most importantly, how to cultivate a successful competitive mindset. Sheiko's programs are extremely challenging to the athlete, but if you want to produce the greatest results, sever training is necessary and Boris has a great understanding of how to push the athlete's body to the maximum.

Stephen Pritchard (Australia) Australia's No.1 Powerlifter

I have been training for powerlifting for over twenty years and in that time I have followed many different training systems and studied many different approaches. It is widely accepted that Russian training systems are the most advanced and effective. The very best of this comes from the Russian super-coach Boris Sheiko. His athletes stand now as some of the best ever in the sport. The few programs that have been circulated are now world famous. For me personally, I began following some of his generic templates for novices in 2008 and this had an incredible and profound effect on my training. Within 18months I was able to put over 100kg on my total. I have continued to improve. This was from just following basic generic templates. The opportunity to work with Sheiko directly would be an unmissable opportunity. This is an opportunity I have dreamed of, but i never thought would be possible. As Russian coach Denis Basov explained to me, the true skill of the coach comes in the individualisation of a plan and the feedback given. The difference between an average lifter and an elite lifter often comes down to the way they train. Sheiko is the best of the best. If you want to be stronger and more skilled, with good technique and smash through your previous records, this is the best opportunity around, possibly ever.

Kimberly Wallford (USA) multiple IPF Open Raw World Champ, record holder

I believe that volume, frequency and progressive intensity are three of the main components necessary to build the optimal training program for a powerlifter. Boris Sheiko’s training programs have highlighted the importance of each of those components. Sheiko’s programs allow a powerlifter to focus on not only conditioning, proper form,and building new strength, but proper recovery between each workout as well.

 Andrey Belyaev (Russia) World IPF Champion, record holder

I used Sheiko’s training programs from 2005-2009, they were the best years of my career, helping me achieve my best results. With the help of Sheiko’s programs my strength always peaked on the day of my competition. In my opinion Boris Sheiko is the most advanced and honest trainer in the Russian Powerlifting Federation.

Alexey Sivokon (Kazakhstan) 7-time World IPF Champion

There are many different methods of training, but Sheiko’s system is the most effective and acceptable for me and my students. I owe Sheiko for all of my victories and records. Now I’m working as a trainer and all of my students use his programs. They have great results because of this system. Thanks a lot to Boris Sheiko for training me and growing me into the sportsman I am.

Mike Israetel - Assistant Professor at Temple University

He is the best coach, and learning how he deals with athletes in person, psychologically is just like, I can sit there and listen to that for hours. As a matter of fact, I talked to him a bunch after the seminar in JTS (Laguna Nigel, CA), and was like tell me more, tell me more, tell me more; so it was a really awesome experience. Boris took a seemingly very complex powerlifting ideas and translated them into very real world applications. And obviously because he is a coach and not just a professor, he’s both, he doesn’t have to just speak in science he can speak in a normal, human language. It was very, very beneficial.


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Boston MA by CJ Murphy


New-Port RI by Mark Kluth


Tigard OR by Jeron Kerridge


Dublin CA by Jesse Birdick


Laguna Nigel CA by Chad Wesley Smith

Hobart by Wayne Howlett


Vicenza by Ado Gruzza



Moscow by Dmitry Klokov






150 $ per month

Develop a month long training program from initial analysis of the lifter

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200 $ per month

Developing a month-long training plan with video analysis 1x per month

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250 $ per month

Developing a month-long training plan with video analysis 2x per month. Developing a year-long training and competition plan. Developing a plan for competition day including warm-ups and attempt selections

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