Sheiko’s student won the World Bench Press Championships with a new world record

Sheiko’s student won the World Bench Press Championships with a new world record


Yulia Chistyakova achieved the Master of Sports rank in 2001 when she was only 12 years old.  In 2002, Julia’s family moved from Ufa (Bashkortostan) to the small town of Kimry in the Tula region. The city did not have a gym where she could continue training in powerlifting. During the year Julia persistently asked her parents to let her go back to Ufa and finally they agreed. In 2003 she came back to Ufa and I arranged for her entrance into a sports boarding school where she lived and continued her studies in the 9th grade. At the end of the 11th grade Julia continued her studies at the Bashkir Institute of Physical Culture.

After 4 years of hard training Yulia won the gold medal in the world championship among girls under 18 which took place in France in 2007 (185.0kg, 117.5kg, 155.0kg; 457.5kg @68.10kg; single ply).

In 2008, at the Russian Junior Championships she reached 195.0kg, 120.0kg, 167.5kg; 482.5kg and took 5th place. It made me wonder whether it makes sense to continue three lifts in competitions. Maybe it would be better if Yulia focused on only one exercise – the bench press.



Further performances at the World Bench Press Championships confirmed the correctness of my decision. In 2010 and 2011 Yulia won gold medals in the World Bench Press Championships. In 2012, despite the fact that she was able to improve her result up to 150kg, she won only a silver medal at the world championships among juniors.

2010 – 67.4 kg  – 125.0kg – 1st place

2011 – 70.9 kg  – 135.0kg – 1st place

2012 – 71.4 kg  – 150.0kg – 2nd place

Since 2013, Yulia performs at the World Bench Press Championships in the open category.  For two consecutive years, 2013 and 2014, she won the silver medal and in 2015 she won the gold medal with a world record – 175.5kg.

2013 – 72.0 kg – 155.0kg – 2nd place

2014 – 70.8 kg – 167.5kg – 2nd place

2015 – 71.9 kg  – 175.5kg – 1st place

Yulia Chistyakova is a very single-minded, hard-working girl with a very stable and strong mentality. Can you imagine that she hasn’t missed a single attempt competing at the 7 world championships?  She has excellent technique in the bench press and a pretty high arch. All of her best results at the world championships come in tough fights. For example, in 2014 Yulia defeated Yulia Medvedeva at the Russian Nationals, but at the World Championships she lost to her by 2.5kg. In 2015, they met at the World Championships again. Many Russian experts believed that Medvedeva would win again, because she is more experienced and more titled. But Yulia and I thought differently as she was ready to give Medvedeva a battle.  Yulia won, setting her first world record and I am confident that this record is not the last one.