The training program that won my student Irina Abramova a world championship.

The training program that won my student Irina Abramova a world championship.


Twice a day workouts, prep and comp cycles included.


Irina Abramova (Russia)

World IPF Champion – 1999, 2000, 2001

European EPF Champion – 2000, 2001

2nd place at World Games – 2001

Set 8 world records in the squat, deadlift and total. Set 17 European records and 9 Russian records.

Her best results in Category 60 kg are: Squat – 220,5 kg Bench press – 112,5 kg Deadlift – 222,5 kg Total – 552,5 kg. She was awarded the medal “For Military Valour” of the 2nd degree.

I trained Irina Abramova from 1997 t0 2002. Late 1996, in Ufa , the first Russian professional powerlifting club was founded. Its name was “Irbis”. In 1997 I was invited to work there as a coach. Irina Abramova was also invited in 1997. Back in those days it was very clear Irina had a lot of athletic potential. It was an enormous pleasure to work with her as she is a very hardworking and dedicated athlete. When we first started working together the first two months were very difficult for Irina as she had to get used to large volumes and 2 workouts per day. Sometimes during the workout she suddenly left the gym for the locker room and returned 8-10 minutes later and continued to train, only her eyes were full of tears which showed her real condition. She never complained to me and when I asked her – “How do you feel?”, I invariably heard the same reply – “Everything is good, I feel great and ready for any load.” Her victories at the World and European championships were merely the public confirmation of what I had already known from her champion-like character.

Boris Sheiko


These are her actual workout leading up to Worlds 2000 where she won 1st place.

Prep Cycle

Comp Cycle, p1

Comp Cycle, p2