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Author Topic: Writing own program. 1st week up.  (Read 3596 times)


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Writing own program. 1st week up.
« on: July 21, 2015, 12:48:31 AM »
This will be a long post, I will explain what I have so far and my thinking behind these choices.

Quick background - I wanted to write a sheiko style program based on the information here. I have written out some loads for a competition on december 5th. This puts me about 20 weeks out. Last month, I was diagnosed with hemophilia and was very ill in the hospital when it complicated a tonsillectomy. I lost almost 20lbs. When I got cleared to return to training, I ran a very aggressive linear progression to get me back into shape as quickly as possible. I lost strength, obviously, but managed to get within about 90% of my old maxes.

(in pounds)
375 squat
225 bench press
425 deadlift.

I will use these maxes as my maxes for the next block of training, approximately 4 weeks of prep and a two week "comp" cycle tacked on in order to retest my maxes for the next block. I left a notebook at a friend's house so I am missing the loading the entire cycle, but here is what I have so far:

4950 lifts in 20 weeks

Prep 1 - 1000 lifts/4 weeks
Distribution: W1: 21%, W2: 35%, W3: 13%, W4: 31%

so, respectively, each week is 210, 350, 130 and 310 lifts. I chose this distribution because I wanted two largish weeks of training, a small break in between. The heavy load in the 4th week is to set me up to test maxes again in the 6th week. This is a protocol I got from an interview with sheiko, stating maxes are tested approximately every 6 weeks if well removed from competition. I am also trying to regain lost strength, so several tests to improve my numbers should be fine.

The plan is 4 workouts per week. 4 bench presses, two squats and two deadlifts. Day 1 and 3 are squat/bench press and Day 2 and 4 are deadlift benchpress. This brings me to this - the loading within the week for this block of training. (D# refers to which training day it is.)

Week 1:
D1: Medium, D2: Large, D3: Medium, D4: Small
Week 2:
D1: Large, D2: small, D3: Large, D4: small
Week 3:
D1: Medium, D2: Medium, D3: small, D4: Large
Week 4:
D1: Medium, D2: Large, D3: Medium, D4: small

These choices are relatively arbitrary, though I have tried to make sure each movement had large, small and medium days at some point. Going off a post I saw, I took the average lifts per week and gave them a range. For example, week1: has an average  of about 53 lifts per session because 210/4 = 52.5. I then added and subtracted about 20% of that value to itself to give me a range for a medium load. Approximately 41-61 lifts per session. This is a medium load. Below is small, above is large. Using that as a base, I then constructed the first week of training. I'm sorry, but I'm not good with excel so I have handwritten it. Here is the link:

Here is a short explanation, in case the picture or my terrible handwriting is making things fuzzy:

Day1: 51 total lifts - medium load
Bench press: 27 lifts
Squat: 24 lifts

Day2: 73 total lifts - large load
deadlift to knee - 14 lifts
bench press - 38 lifts (pyramid style)
competition deadlift - 21 lifts

Day3: 56 total lifts - medium load
Front squat -17 lifts
bench press - 25 lifts
squat - 14 lifts

Day 4: 30 total lifts - small load
deadlift w/ pause above knee - 15 lifts
accessory work
conventional deadlift - 15 lifts

Accessory work is the stuff you generally see tacked on in workouts in sheiko programs. My upper body is underdeveloped and most of it will be targeted towards that. Curls, presses, flies, etc. It will be light, 8-12 reps for 3-4 sets and should not interfere with subsequent lifts or workouts. I will do some every training day, or stick it in between lifts on small load days.

I haven't written the rest yet, because I wanted a set of eyes on this week first. To me, it looks sound. I am a better squatter than I am a bench presser and deadlifter, so front squats are my only accessory at the moment to build up my quads and keep me upright, since I can tip on heavy weights. I havent decided on accessories yet for bench press, so there are none yet. For deadlift, my start position is weak and I am terrible off the floor, so some pause work is there. I also round a lot as I pull, and so I have included conventional deadlifts to build up my low back.

I do believe I have managed to stick to most of the principles outlined here, from loading to intensity. What do you guys think?


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Re: Writing own program. 1st week up.
« Reply #1 on: July 21, 2015, 04:21:04 PM »
Interesting! Looks like you put some thought in to it :)


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Re: Writing own program. 1st week up.
« Reply #2 on: July 23, 2015, 10:10:24 PM »
Really nice.

I am interested in what are you doing and it's similar to what I am want to do after this cycle. I want to try a 6 week of accumulation with 2000 lifts splitted in 6 days, squat everyday, bench and deadlift 4 day per week.

However, yes, I think your programming can works. But after this 4 weeks what you wants to do?


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Re: Writing own program. 1st week up.
« Reply #3 on: July 24, 2015, 06:45:52 AM »
The 6th week comment interests me. After the high-load 4th week, how do you transition to that 6th week?


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Re: Writing own program. 1st week up.
« Reply #4 on: April 06, 2016, 09:40:01 PM »
Hello, I'm writing a transition cycle of 4 weeks; then I'll try another Sheiko (3 days over 80 Kg). I'm trying to follow Sheiko advices. Any suggestion? Thank you