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Adamsz Sheiko Training Log
« on: January 20, 2015, 03:07:31 PM »
Lifting Background:

26 year old male, raw drug-free lifter. 183" height and competed in 90kg and 100kg categories. Current body weight is around 113kg.

2010-2011 bodybuilding split

2011-2012 5/3/1 with emphasis on bodybuilding accessory work

2012-2013 Sheiko 29/37/32, 29/37/31/32

2013-2014 custom ME/DE split
Smolov Meso Cycle for squat (resulted in groin tear and later on a bulged disk)
Smolov Jr for Bench Press
Sheiko 29/37/31/40/30 (all bench-only while doing separate rehab work for squats)
Smolov Jr for bench (resulted in minor pec-tear)

2014-2015 took 7 months total off during this year. Alternated between sheiko 29/37 when I did lift, but it was sporadic.

End of 2014 - Present
Sheiko Intermediate Small Load Prep Cycle I
Sheiko Intermediate Small Load Prep Cycle II

Medical Conditions / Injuries

I have kyphosis (spinal curvature from front to back), which makes perfecting technique on the squat and deadlift very difficult.

Since May 2013 I have suffered from lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow), specifically in my left arm. I suspect this is mainly due to the volume involved with the sheiko bench programming. I used to bench with my pinky fingers on the rings, but since the elbow pain I have moved my grip out to the max legal limit. This seems to significantly help. For a long time after the symptoms manifested, I dropped all accessory tricep work from my programming as it only seemed to make it worse. Now I can perform tricep accessory work (dips, etc) if I use a floss band wrapped around the elbow throughout the movement.

In 2013 I ran the smolov meso cycle for my squat, which resulted in a groin tear from overexertion on the program. I tried to work around the injury and continued to deadlift, which resulted in bulged disk. After that I focued on bench press while trying to rehab the groin and back, which saw little progress.

At the end of 2013 I ran smolov jr for a second cycle going into compeition, which resulted in a minor pec tear on my opening attempt. After that I took 4 months straight off - the longest I’ve taken off since I started lifting in 2010, and most my injuries got better.

In December this last year I ran the Intermediate Small Load Prep Cycle I, and reintroduced backsquats into my programming as well as pulling sumo for the first time. After the month cycle my groin injury has reappeared, and I decided to stop pulling sumo and lay off back squats for now. Currently I can pull conventional with no issue, and can front squat with minimal aggravation to the groin.

Best Competition Results (in 100kg category):



Bench Press




Bench Press (in 90kg category)


Best Gym Lifts:



Bench Press:



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Best Gym Lifts
Squat: 184kg / 405lbs (knee sleeves)
Bench Press: 170.45kg / 375lbs
Deadlift: 259kg / 570lbs

Best Competition Results
Squat: 182.5kg / 402lbs (knee sleeves)
Bench Press: 172.73kg / 380lbs
Deadlift: 265.9kg / 585lbs


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Re: Adamsz Sheiko Training Log
« Reply #1 on: January 20, 2015, 07:31:50 PM »
Intermediate Small Load Comp Cycle

6:10am - 7:10am

workout posted in lbs

Squats: skipped

Bench Press currently doing close-grip, because pec has been bothering me this week
135 x 5 (extra set)
185 x 5
225 x 4
260 x 3
295 x 2 x 4 sets

Seated Cable Flyes Slow with good stretch on the pec
60 x 8 x 4 sets

Reverse Pec Dec
40 x 12 x 4 sets

Preacher Curl Machine
a ton of sets with super light weight

Good Mornings
75 x 5 x 4 sets


Because of my chronic groin injury which has flaired up again, I am currently only doing front squats once a week, with no back squats. Front squats are tolerable while back squats make it worse. Hoping since I switched back to conventional from sumo the groin issue will resolve itself. If it doesn't in a month or so, I will seek professional help.

Bench Press
I have been benching with my feet up with no leg drive for the last 6-7 weeks (I still maintain some arch though). I haven't had time to prioritize hip mobility, and combined with the groin problem, it makes benching with leg drive painful. I have been still making gains with the feet-up approach, having benched 355lbs in the last cycle when it called for 104% on one day. This ties my best competition result.

This last week my right pec started feeling painful during benching. This has happened in the past with both Sheiko and Smolov Jr programming when the volume has acclimated some. As a temporary fix, I have moved my grip into close grip which has resolved the issue for the moment. I'm hoping that with the comp cycle a reduction in volume will occur (this is based on my experience running Sheiko 32 in the past, although I could be mistaken that it occurs in this comp cycle), which would allow the pec to recover.

Accessory Work

For the first six weeks back on Sheiko, I ran the programming exactly as written in terms of the accessory work. In the past I have always good success in keeping my shoulders healthy with doing 5-10 sets of very light rear delt work per week. I have reintroduced that as I think it shouldn't interfere with the main programming, considering I use a very light weight.

Similarly, I have reintroduced light bicep work as well. I find this helps with my elbow pain, and I always keep it high rep and low weight.

Best Gym Lifts
Squat: 184kg / 405lbs (knee sleeves)
Bench Press: 170.45kg / 375lbs
Deadlift: 259kg / 570lbs

Best Competition Results
Squat: 182.5kg / 402lbs (knee sleeves)
Bench Press: 172.73kg / 380lbs
Deadlift: 265.9kg / 585lbs


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Re: Adamsz Sheiko Training Log
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