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Author Topic: Setting up garage gym in the wake of Covid-19  (Read 945 times)


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Setting up garage gym in the wake of Covid-19
« on: April 19, 2020, 10:40:47 AM »
First of all, I hope everyone is keeping safe in these challenging times.

When we thought the gyms might only be closed for a few weeks, I trained the best I could using resistance bands and managed to buy a pull-up bar on my third attempt.  As you'll know, it's virtually impossible to buy any weight training gear anywhere.  Then I received an email from the British Powerlifting Federation saying that Eleiko, made in Sweden, is still in business and as a member, we can get a 25% discount.  This prompted me to rethink my situation as my ex-works gym doesn't have any equipment that's ideal for powerlifting except for a full and half rack.  Anyway, I've decided to buy a basic Eleiko set up that will take up half my garage, and will sell one of my motorcycles to fund it.

I've ordered an Eleiko FX 80 half rack with pull-up, dip bars, and band pins as well as a flat bench and a 185Kg Powerlifting set with an extra pair of 25Kg plates.  Additionally, I've ordered a loadable kettlebell for exercises like deep squats.  I'll probably make some blocks and a platform for deficit deadlifts.  Hopefully, I'll be able to purchase dumbbell handles and several 5Kg plates in the near future.

I'll be losing access to a ton of accessory equipment such as leg press, leg curl/extension, and glute/ham raise.  However, there used to be a saying that results in the gym are inversely proportional to the amount of equipment available.

Is this all I need to successfully run the Sheiko program or are there any other things that I should consider?

Any thoughts or tips for training at home gratefully received :)