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Author Topic: Advanced 4 day small load miss lift  (Read 278 times)


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Advanced 4 day small load miss lift
« on: July 25, 2019, 07:08:20 AM »
Hi guys, just started the program on the app, planning to run prep cycle 1,2,3 and comp cycle.  Question for the prep cycle 2, week 4 testing days.  Is it no normal to miss the 105% on any of the lifts?  What happened when you miss the 105% lift?  Do you keep going, finish the prep cycle2 and go through cycle 3 and comp cycle?  Thanks!!


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Re: Advanced 4 day small load miss lift
« Reply #1 on: August 02, 2019, 05:47:56 PM »
Hey see my post on the matter:

-I remember questioning this same issue myself, because the progress it was projecting was insane
-Take the 105% only if it’s there, after 100% or take 102 depending on what you feel and how fast 95% moves
-I have seen newer lifters hit that 105% percent with more success , I have rarely seen advanced lifters hit that 105 mid way through the program.
-you need to remember there’s no peak into that attempt it just gauges your progress with the program. It gives you the opportunity to increase training weights
-everyone is different but my coach almost never allows me to take more than 95%-97% on the squat and deadlift in training unless the weights are moving ridiculously fast , we do however take the bench press from 101-102% because I have been progressing very well with it.
-don’t miss the attempts...but if you do, do not panic.

There is a transcript with sheiko and Omar isuf that I have quoted on one of threads about this issue , I would recommend you find it and review it. There is a section that discusses this specifically.

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