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Author Topic: Starting 4 day Advanced Medium Load tomorrow... questions  (Read 157 times)


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Starting 4 day Advanced Medium Load tomorrow... questions
« on: May 06, 2019, 12:50:22 PM »
Hey guys,

70kg male here, been training for a little above 3 years, been power-lifting for the last year now. Was on the conjugate program but feel like I need a change!  :)

Current maxes are:
Bench - 95kg (Haven't maxed out in some time, but will start the program with this)
Squat - 140kg
Deadlift - 205kg (Pulled 200 recently, could've done 5-7.5kgs more)

As you can see, deadlift is kinda high compared to squats as I didn't train squat or bench with much dedication.

Hope to bench more than 100 and squat more than 150 after the first cycle.. Also I'm hoping to deadlift atleast 5 plates after the first cycle on Sheiko  :) ... Hope for a quadruple deadlift in 3-4 years.. Anyways..

Now, what I wanted to know about was if you guys did "leg extensions" or maybe "leg curls" after squat / deadlift sessions... Sometimes you hear people say, "less is more" and I was wondering whether I should follow the program to a tee!

I'd surely be doing bicep curls and hope to do face-pulls everyday... I was also wondering whether lateral and front raises would suffice for shoulders...

Feedback highly appreaciated!