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Author Topic: 10 Quick Comments on Technique | Series #1  (Read 6964 times)

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10 Quick Comments on Technique | Series #1
« on: June 04, 2014, 06:31:46 PM »
1. Sheiko Technique Commentary #1 – Squat
The squat is too deep. That is why in the bottom of movement the lat muscles relax; they are too soft. This kind of technique comes from weightlifting (impact in the bottom). I recommend descending not more than 5 cm below parallel. Once a week do box squats with the height of the box set exactly 5 cm below the parallel depth.

2. Sheiko Technique Commentary #2 -- Deadlift off blocks
Generally in powerlifting, there is no need to do any exercise too fast/harshly/abruptly.

3. Sheiko Technique Commentary #3 -- Chest Muscles
Try to lower the arms and straighten them a bit more. The main intention of this exercise is not to lift heavy weights, but to stretch the muscles.

4. Sheiko Technique Commentary #4 -- Deadlift off blocks
Don't tense the muscles at the start. The arms should just hold the bar. Accelerate the barbell right after separating the barbell from the platform. This pull is too slow and tense.

5. Sheiko Technique Commentary #5 – Benchpress
Good, smooth lowering and good, smooth press. Try accelerating the barbell when starting the push upwards. The more acceleration in the bottom the easier it is to pass the sticking point. Also, the arch is too small.

6. Sheiko Technique Commentary #6 -- Deadlift
First of all body weight needs to increase. That is the #1 aim. Increase calorie intake. Drink gainers if needed. A body weight of 90kg is too low at a height of 187cm for optimum performance.

7. Sheiko Technique Commentary #7 – Squat
Good technique, well done.

8. Sheiko Technique Commentary #8 – Benchpress
The arch is too small. I recommend putting a 1.5L bottle full of water under the lower back. Also, it is not necessary to lower the barbell too fast, that is not good. When this  happens control of the barbell is lost. The barbell should be lowered slowly when it is close to the chest. Don't relax the arms when the barbell is on the chest either.

9. Sheiko Technique Commentary #9 – Deadlift
There is no need to snatch the barbell while deadlifting. That is the reason why the legs straighten. The legs don't work properly and the back works more than it has to.

10. Sheiko Technique Commentary #10 – Deadlift
My article on conventional deadlift technique is here:

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Re: 10 Quick Comments on Technique | Series #1
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This is really great. Is there a specific place that one can submit videos?
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