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Author Topic: 7th week update for 4 day large load with big changes  (Read 1001 times)


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7th week update for 4 day large load with big changes
« on: August 18, 2016, 03:24:40 AM »
I made some significant changes to this program, mainly by choosing to start off with quite low specificity and then work up to competition movements and add a belt and sleeves along the way. I did this because an 18 week (had to take 2 weeks out in order to fit in with comp dates) cycle seemed a bit long for me to do competition standard SBD. I found from the previous 3 day programs I built up some weaknesses, for instance a lagging core and weak quads out the hole. My changes were:

- Weeks 1-4 beltless high bar
- Weeks 5-7 belted high bar
- Weeks 8-11 belted low bar
- Weeks 12-18 belted sleeved low bar

- Weeks 1-7 beltless deadlift
- Weeks 8-18 belted deadlift

I sucked at high bar and quads are the biggest weakness I had, so doing lots of high bar has already helped a lot. My technique was shaky at first, especially beltless, but now it feels solid and more comfortable to be upright. I'm really thinking this will transfer into my low bar technique and hopefully put the new quads to work. I've also done 1/3 of the squats pause squats (-5%) so far and will continue as they help a lot! Also done pin squats when said low bar beltless so far, think it was a good way to just remind my body how to low bar now and again whilst also being a cool new exercise for me :)

Again beltless deadlifts were awful to begin with, the 80% triples were rough at the start, even with a conservative max. Now I can feel my lower back and core are way more controlled and tight throughout the pull. Once I put the belt back on I'm looking forward to what will happen. Currently doing block pulls and deficits when writtten (-10% and +10% because I suck at blocks but quite good at deficits) and 1" pause deads instead of to knees. All 3 have worked really well at hitting the things I needed to work on.

My benchpress is ahead of my squat and deadlift, I just needed to try to build a bit more muscle and get my technique even sharper. 1/4 of reps are close grip and there're dips frequently which I push hard unless I'm dead from the session already. I've done incline (with DBs but might swap to a bar later on for more specificity) and ohp as written. Back work is done if I have time and energy after the session, usually chin ups/pulldowns/cable rows anywhere  for 3-5sets x 5-10reps range.

I'm not quite sure why I haven't seen more people experiment with lower specificity to begin a Sheiko cycle, almost all other programs do this and if not then have an "off season" which gives the same affect. I understand that doing lots of beltless work and high bar squats etc. doesn't fit in with the traditional Sheiko philosophy, but if it helps to build and refine your technique for the competition lifts later on, then maybe it makes sense to try it out.

I'm getting towards halfway through this cycle and about to start doing some belted deadlifts and low bar squats, will update with how they are feeling and if building up my big weaknesses has worked. Would love to hear what people think of this and if anyone has any experience doing something similar :) 
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