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Re: KIZEN Sheiko Programs
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I was under the impression that the typical elite Russian lifter was working out in upwards of 10 times a week.  Say like Belyaev, Mashintcov, or Goriachev.

Boris told me this was during the time they had a sponsor and lifters were paid full-time. They had workouts up to 8 times a week. I have seen some plans and it is quite extreme.
Nowadays he doesn't coach anyone who is a full-time athlete afaik, so this is why maximum 4-5 days a week.

Those 8 times a week morning/evening training schedules. Is a single workout comparable to the MSIC 5 day prep ? Or are they toned down a bit since the tonnage is higher per week.

I allready found that 5 day prep/comp brutal to recover from, but especially for deadlift it yields amazing results