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CMS, MS, & MSIC (4-day programs) / Re: 4 Day Program
« on: April 22, 2018, 12:37:09 PM »
Hey guys,

i have a few questions. Why does the Medium Load Advaned contain Benchpress variations and the Large load doesnt? And Sheiko says that juniors can handle more Volume. Does that also mean they should do more ? 
What if a Load is bringing results, but you don’t feel like its taxing and exhausting enough?

Thanks  :-*

Hey guys,
im a bit confused because i dont know which cycle i should start with. Im 18 years old and weight is 77 kg. Bench 105 kg, Squat 145 kg and Deadlift 160 kg. So my Problem is that i am still intermediate because im training less than a year but the App says i should run Medium Load Advanced and not intermediate.  :o 
Could someone please help me ?  :-*

Merry Christmas,

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