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I just finished my test day for intermediate, medium load, over 80 kg.  My squat and deadlift PR attempts were misses both on the first and fourth weeks of the competition cycle.  Bench was a meager 5 lb increase on week 4, day 3 of the competition cycle.  My bodyweight is approximately 255 lbs and I am 39 years old.

Starting 1RM's - based upon successful lifts: BS - 455; DL - 505; BP, Paused - 345;

Recommended test weights - BS - 477.5 lbs; DL - 530 lbs; BP - 362.5;

I workout in my garage so a few of the exercises required substitutions.  This may have created an issue in my performance, but I'm not entirely sure.

I substituted leg press with safety squat bar front squats, hyperextensions with standing good mornings, incline BP with standing overhead press.

I now have a hyperextension bench so that exercise will be true to form from this point forward. 

Regardless, I'm not sure what I should do next.  I'm not very confident running the intermediate medium 12 week programming  again at nearly the same weights will improve my performance.  Do you have any suggestions?

Requests / Increase the timer options on the app?
« on: December 14, 2017, 08:59:35 PM »
Is there any way you can increase the maximum timed duration above 3 minutes and 30 seconds?  It would be most helpful when one gets into working the higher percentages of 1RM sets.  Thanks.


I'm at a bit of a loss after finishing the first week of the medium load competition cycle for intermediates.  As I'm sure you are aware, days 2 and 3 of that week involve attempts at new maxes on the big three lifts.  I failed on all three.  Squat and Bench were on day 2 and I thought my shortcomings may have been due to a few variables, so I adjusted accordingly in hopes that day 3 (DL) would have a different result. 

Day 3's workout came and gone last night and I didn't even come close to the max attempt.  I couldn't budge the bar off of the ground on the PR attempt (I actually reduced the prescribed weight by 5 lbs as well, not that it mattered).  I'm going to continue moving forward through this cycle as prescribed, but I'm quite disappointed at my performance.  I have a couple of questions for you, since you are well versed in the general programming with Sheiko.

1. Do most trainees using the same programming as me attempt new maxes in week 1 of the competition cycle?  Or am I potentially overreaching?

2. I rested quite a bit longer between sets after I went beyond 90% of my 1RM.  I believe Boris mentioned 8-10 minute rests between sets was acceptable.  This didn't seem to help on DL's.  It may have made a difference (looking back on squat or bench, but I won't know until week four of this cycle).  If one does not allow for enough rest between very heavy attempts, is it more likely he would fail the next lift attempt?

3. Hyperextensions - I was unable to perform these at all through both prep cycles as I don't have the equipment available.  I substituted standing GM's in their place.  I'm wondering if these are as crticial as I presume - I am looking at getting a hyper bench so I can perform these next time around.

4. I will cross this bridge when I get to it, but I'm thinking I may need to change something if I can't hit any PR's on week 4.  Have any suggestions?  I'm 39 and over 80 kg, so I have thought about potentially dropping to the small/light volume, intermediate phase programming the next time around.  I think my age and weight, as well as just helping with recovery (while really honing my form and technique) could do a world of good.

I really appreciate any advice and suggestions you may have. 


Support / Will the app "tell" me if I should change my programming?
« on: December 07, 2017, 06:30:50 PM »

I have a quick question.  I've completed the medium load, intermediate prep phases I and II for over 80KG lifters.  I am now on the competition cycle.  When I finish the competition cycle, will the app provide a "recommendation" on how I should program next?

For example, would it recalculate my maxes from the competition cycle, then direct me to run the same programming again, but with the increased weight from the changes in my 1RM?  Or would something else be suggested, like advanced medium loading?

Thanks again. 

I finally started the intermediate Sheiko programming yesterday, September 24, 2017.  I just finished off customized programming by Josh Bryant that really helped push me over some plateaus, especially in the bench.  I'm 39 yo, approximately 255 lbs, 6'1".  Current 1RM's - these are actuals, not estimated (all weight is shown in pounds) - BP - 345 lbs, paused; DL - 505 lbs; BS - 455 lbs.  I believe I would be able to test higher on all three lifts in a true meet scenario, but I am going to keep my 1RM's at these weights because of the concern with the overall volume in the programming. 

Medium Load Prep Cycle 1

Week 1, Day 1
Sept 25, 2017 - Sunday;

BP, Paused - 172.5 X 5; 207.5 X 5; added elbow sleeves; 242.5 X 3; added belt; 260 X 3 X 5;
BS - 227.5 X 5; added belt (wearing knee sleeves for squats); 272.5 X 5; 317 X 5 X 5;
BP - touch and go - 172.5 X 6; 207.5 X 6; 225 X 6,6,6,4 (missed two reps on last set)
Pin Press - light - 135 X 6 X 4;
Standing GM's - 135 X 5 X 5;

Duration - approximately 90 minutes

Comments - It's unseasonably warm right now and the heat made it tough.  I was getting very fatigued on my first go around with the programming.  Overall, however, I was happy to have gotten nearly everything as prescribed.  I'm not sure if the pin press was the best exercise to place in the accessory chest work, but it is what I chose.  I may change that next time.

Question for anyone reading the fourm - what should I use in lieu of incline bench for Tuesday?  I only have a flat bench, so I was thinking of going with dumbbell bench press...but I'm not opposed to suggestions.  So far so good.

I workout in my garage at home.  I do not have access to a lot of the machines and cables that are found in commercial gyms.  I'm going to start the Medium Load Prep 1, Medium Load Prep 2, and Medium Load Competition Cycle in a week.

Hyperextensions - what possible alternative exercises can I use in place of this?  I can understand how these may be viewed as critical/important towards posterior chain development.  I don't have a hyperextension bench, however. 

A general question - for the Supplemental/Developmental - I am programming these to change every four weeks.  Should I keep things the same or is it okay to change things up?  For example, when it calls for deltoids, I will start out with a bent over BB Row for the first four weeks.  Then, I'll switch things up to a DB Row for the second four weeks. 

I'm really pumped to start this change of pace...I'm older by PL standards (39), so I'm curious to see how I'll fare.  I think the lower percentages may do some good.


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