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I do farmer walks at the end of my workouts, minus deadlift day. Doesn't seem to cause many problems. I think the biggest mistake people make with Sheiko is not adjusting it to fit their goals.

Universal Topics / Re: Alternatives for squat and deadlift?
« on: June 09, 2014, 03:56:13 PM »
I have currently a bad problem with my lower back and I am not able to do any squats or deadlifts. I have done some one leg split squats and light romanian deadlifts instead. What other lifts you recommend for one with lower back issues?
While I certainly would not make it my main compound lift, single-leg RDLs are great for overall athleticism. Even better for people with muscular imbalances and/or lower back injuries.

Has Boris ever done what he does with DLs and break either bench or squat down into two separate movements like with the DLs to knees and rack pulls?

I know it completely butchers the program, but I've always had success by switching Wednesday's benching with clean and strict press.

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