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Sportsmen: 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Classes (3-day programs) / Re: 3 Day Program
« on: October 05, 2015, 03:25:28 AM »
So my question is what to do after completing one cycle( preparation 1, 2 and competition) because it is exhausting to start all over right away!
Should you do deload?(and how) or some other routine for a while? (and which)


*Body weight before
82 kg
*Maxes before
P bench 105, Squat 135, dl 180
*Program - over/under 80kg
Over 80, ( intermediate medium load)
*Did you modify it? no
*Body weight after
*Maxes after
Pbench 110, Squat 142,5, dl 190
*Any other thoughts/feedback
Great program, go for the large load preparation this time

Thought about plates, did that today.
Tnx for the answers

Hy! It is my first post here so a little introduction.
Last year, year and a half I was running SS and texas method.
Now I switched to sheiko 3 day under 80( medium load on app)
Like it so far :)

Few questions:
1. Dont have any blocks for rackpulls ( dont have any chains eithe),  so what do do instead? Normal dl?

2. Can I throw in Pull ups and some variation of raises for shoulder? I dont think that will interfere with progress.

3. I build some muscle mass with Texas, will sheiko routinr continue rebuild mass? It is low rep sheme but it has a high frequency (specialy for chest)

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