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I am a push-pull lifter and actually use the squat programming from the app for my deadlift, and completely skip the actual deadlift portion of the program. So Monday I deadlift/bench, wed I bench, and Friday I deadlift/bench.

After the completion of my last training block, I am not sure how to proceed.

March - May: Intermediate Small Load Program (running squat portion of the program on deadlifts)
Max Inputs: Bench Press: 315 Squat: 525
Result: Bench Press: 380 Deadlift: 585

June- Oct: Intermediate Medium Load Program (repeated portions of the program to peak for an event in early October) (running squat portion of the program on deadlifts)

Max Inputs: Bench Press: 345 Squat: 545
Results: Bench Press: 380 Deadlift: 650

Sheiko recently posted this regarding changing programs:

"If a program consisting of 10-12 weeks gave a good gain in each lift, say +10 kg (22lbs) and more, then I recommend this program to repeat. You just have to use new maxes. You will experience some difficulties due to higher weights during first 2 weeks. Don't worry, just endure a little bit. In two weeks your body will adapt to the new load. If my athlete improves his maximum by 15-20kg (33-44lbs) at the test in the gym, then I increase his maximum by only 10kg. If I see that the athlete has already adapted to the new weights and work with 80% with no problem, then we increase maxes again by 5-10kg. Usually it takes 3-4 weeks. If the athlete does not add anything after a 10-12-weeks program, I change it (not the athlete - the program)."

So my bench press did not go up, but my deadlift increased by 65lbs. I think my deadlift could probably continue to progress using the intermediate medium load program with a higher max, but I’m not sure about my bench press.

Should I repeat the intermediate medium load cycle for both lifts but just with higher maxes? Or would it be weird to repeat the intermediate medium load cycle for just my deadlift and simultaneously run the intermediate large load cycle for my bench press?

I have previously run the Intermediate Large Load cycle for my bench press which resulted in a 385lb bench press and the Advanced Small Load cycle which resulted in a 400lb bench press back in 2015. I then took 2016 off from training.

continuing on this topic...

after the last post I continued with the intermediate medium load cycles with 545 as my max for my deadlift and 345 as my max for my bench press.

Upon completing the competition cycle I ended with a 380 bench press, which was the same result I had from the intermediate small load cycles with 315 entered as my max. I just barely failed 390 and probably would have got it had I not done my deadlift testing first before benching (this was in the gym, not at competition).

I ended with a 650 deadlift, which was a very large PR from my previous 585 with 525 entered as my max during the small load cycles.

Caveat: I'm a push pull lifter and actually use the squat programming from the app for my deadlift, and completely skip the actual deadlift portion of the program. So monday I deadlift/bench, wed I bench, and friday I deadlift/bench. It seems to be working great with the lower max and just really dialing in the technique.

I'm not sure how to continue. On the one hand the bench stalled, but I made amazing progress on the deadlift. I remember Sheiko posting recently about repeating programs if they produce a good result. So should I maybe repeat the medium load program for my deadlift and add 20lbs in the max? But then for the bench since it possibly stalled do the large load programming for that? If I do that for the bench, keep the same max input (345), or increase it since it's still lower than my actual max? Or do the large load cycles for both lifts, but not increase the max for the deadlift?

I think my deadlift could either handle more volume OR more weight, but probably not both simultaneously. Whenever I've tried to increase either too quickly I start getting some nagging injuries pop up.

Doing a bunch of work at 80% with 385 as your max is a huge jump from 80% of 315. Sheiko says not to take big jumps up in training weight, even if your maxes increase by a lot. You want to break that big jump up into smaller steps. Add no more than 20lbs to a single training cycle. So, if you were to do it again, you'd use 335 for your first cycle, then 355 for the next, and so on.

How to take it from here? I'd go back to 335 and do that. Better to build up slowly than to get injured and do nothing for a while, then slowly build up.

Yes in the past I always added around 10-20lbs to the training max every 3 month cycle, going from 315 to 400 over a 3 year period or so. I had thought that after my year off training and then the first 3 month training block that I had built the musculature and technique back up to the point where I could handle previous training maxes (e.g. 380), but I guess I was wrong.

Thank you for the response.

Some background: I have been running sheiko prgramming for my bench press on and off for many years. When the app debuted I did all the intermediate programs and then the advanced small load program, culminating in a 400lb bench press at 265lbs BW at the end of 2015. I proceed to take most of 2016 and beginning of 2017 off from training.

I came back to the gym in February and entered 315 as my max for bench press, and did the 3-month Intermediate Small load cycle, which resulted in a 380lb bench press at 270lbs BW.

I proceeded to enter 380 as my max in the app, and moved onto the Intermediate Medium Load program and finished the first prep cycle, and am halfway through the 2nd prep cycle. Throughout those 2 months my pecs have gotten progressively tighter and tighter and felt more and more strained, but I was still able to complete the training sessions.

Today I couldn't even get through all my warmups without feeling like I was going to tear my left pec if I proceeded because of how strained it felt, so I shut it down before even getting to the top sets.

I'm guessing my body just wasn't ready to adapt from the jump from the 315 max to the 380 max in the app in that small amount of time. Now I'm trying to decide how I should proceed.

I was thinking of taking the next bench day off to let the pecs heal up a bit, then maybe try and put in 90% of my 1RM in the app and go off that instead.

Curious to hear any suggestions.

Universal Topics / Re: Breaks between prep cycles?
« on: July 01, 2015, 02:31:58 AM »
IMO if you are using the correct cycles for your programming, you should not need to take any time off between the prep cycles. After doing the 2 prep cycles you get a taper on the comp cycle which allows your body to heal up/

Are you sure you're using the correct cycles based on your lifter classification?

Refer to the chart in this thread to determine your lifter classification: http://sheiko-program.ru/forum/index.php?topic=3.0

After that, refer to this thread to determine how much volume you should be doing based on your classification, and then chose the appropriate cycles to run accordingly: http://sheiko-program.ru/forum/index.php?topic=311.0

Yeah you could just increase the deadlifting volume and do extra assistance work like leg press, squat variations, hypers, light deadlift variations in the place of your normal squatting.

Is the total tonnage lower than you have been doing for the past 6 months? Because make sure you take into account that Sheiko cycles run at mostly 80-85% as a maximum intensity but are usually a larger volume than most higher intensity programs.

thanks for the reply, man. I'm gonna collect some data - NOL, INT, VOL - from my previous 5-6 months of DL training and see if I can use that to help come up with a plan.

I'm not very good at programming nor have a very thorough understanding of it all, so I'll be back with more questions :D

*Body weight before: Around 250lbs

*Maxes before: Bench Press - 365lbs (only ran the bench portion of the programming)

*Program - over/under 80kg From the App: Intermediate Small Load Prep Cycles I,II & Comp Cycle, Intermediate Medium Load Prep Cycles I,II & Comp Cycle (6-months)

*Did you modify it? yes/no: Only did the bench portion, changed the accessory work to hit delts once a week and arms once a week with lighter weights/12-20 rep schemes. Also if it was a bench/squat/bench day or bench/DL/bench day I would just take the top sets from the 2nd round of benching and add them in after the end of the first round of benching, so it was all completed in one go.

*Body weight after: roughly the same

*Maxes after: benched 380lbs in competition. I was very conservative with my attempts though and my 3rd attempt looked like a second attempt. I was likely good for 390-400lbs on that day as many people commented as well.

Has anyone ever seen or have experience with a modified sheiko program for just push/pull?

For the foreseeable future I'm only benching and DLing. I have the app and have run both the Intermediate Small and Medium load 3-month cycles for just my bench, which took it from 365 - 380 in those 6 months (242lb weight class). These next 3 months I will run the Intermediate Large Load cycles for my bench, and then will continue on to the Advanced Small load cycles for it in preparation for a competition in January.

I have worked with a coach for my DL programming and have been DLing twice/week for the last 6 months as well with great results, but I might not be able continue working with him, which got me thinking about the Sheiko programming.

I know in the advanced cycles on the app they have you DLing 2x/week, but even putting my max in at 105%, looking through the Advanced Small load cycle it's noticeably easier than the DL programming I've been doing during the past 6 months. I figure the way the cycles are written obviously take into account squatting and thus probably have their intensities/volume adjusted down accordingly for the DLs.

Do any push/pull sheiko programs where you DL 2x/week exist?

so is there a way to export your data to the computer to view it?

I want to be able to look over the different prep cycles I have done so far (days, lifts, reps, sets, etc) similar to how they have them on an excel spreadsheet.

I see you can "backup data to cloud", which I have clicked, but how do you access that data?

That makes perfect sense. Thank you for taking the time to break it down for me.

Training Logs / Re: Adamsz Sheiko Training Log
« on: January 20, 2015, 07:31:50 PM »
Intermediate Small Load Comp Cycle

6:10am - 7:10am

workout posted in lbs

Squats: skipped

Bench Press currently doing close-grip, because pec has been bothering me this week
135 x 5 (extra set)
185 x 5
225 x 4
260 x 3
295 x 2 x 4 sets

Seated Cable Flyes Slow with good stretch on the pec
60 x 8 x 4 sets

Reverse Pec Dec
40 x 12 x 4 sets

Preacher Curl Machine
a ton of sets with super light weight

Good Mornings
75 x 5 x 4 sets


Because of my chronic groin injury which has flaired up again, I am currently only doing front squats once a week, with no back squats. Front squats are tolerable while back squats make it worse. Hoping since I switched back to conventional from sumo the groin issue will resolve itself. If it doesn't in a month or so, I will seek professional help.

Bench Press
I have been benching with my feet up with no leg drive for the last 6-7 weeks (I still maintain some arch though). I haven't had time to prioritize hip mobility, and combined with the groin problem, it makes benching with leg drive painful. I have been still making gains with the feet-up approach, having benched 355lbs in the last cycle when it called for 104% on one day. This ties my best competition result.

This last week my right pec started feeling painful during benching. This has happened in the past with both Sheiko and Smolov Jr programming when the volume has acclimated some. As a temporary fix, I have moved my grip into close grip which has resolved the issue for the moment. I'm hoping that with the comp cycle a reduction in volume will occur (this is based on my experience running Sheiko 32 in the past, although I could be mistaken that it occurs in this comp cycle), which would allow the pec to recover.

Accessory Work

For the first six weeks back on Sheiko, I ran the programming exactly as written in terms of the accessory work. In the past I have always good success in keeping my shoulders healthy with doing 5-10 sets of very light rear delt work per week. I have reintroduced that as I think it shouldn't interfere with the main programming, considering I use a very light weight.

Similarly, I have reintroduced light bicep work as well. I find this helps with my elbow pain, and I always keep it high rep and low weight.

I can't remember the specifics of the program but if there is a test day and you get new maxes, use those going forward. Same goes for the end of the comp cycle. So you could have two steps up in weight over the course of the program.

Each program usually has a test day but the length of time you have to wait until the test varies from program to program. Typically the length of time increases with training experience.

So you are saying to do this in the step loading?

I'm not exactly sure how this would be different than the gradual loading then. Would gradual loading just be updating your max whenever you're feeling stronger, without actually having performed that max yet?

Training Logs / Adamsz Sheiko Training Log
« on: January 20, 2015, 03:07:31 PM »
Lifting Background:

26 year old male, raw drug-free lifter. 183" height and competed in 90kg and 100kg categories. Current body weight is around 113kg.

2010-2011 bodybuilding split

2011-2012 5/3/1 with emphasis on bodybuilding accessory work

2012-2013 Sheiko 29/37/32, 29/37/31/32

2013-2014 custom ME/DE split
Smolov Meso Cycle for squat (resulted in groin tear and later on a bulged disk)
Smolov Jr for Bench Press
Sheiko 29/37/31/40/30 (all bench-only while doing separate rehab work for squats)
Smolov Jr for bench (resulted in minor pec-tear)

2014-2015 took 7 months total off during this year. Alternated between sheiko 29/37 when I did lift, but it was sporadic.

End of 2014 - Present
Sheiko Intermediate Small Load Prep Cycle I
Sheiko Intermediate Small Load Prep Cycle II

Medical Conditions / Injuries

I have kyphosis (spinal curvature from front to back), which makes perfecting technique on the squat and deadlift very difficult.

Since May 2013 I have suffered from lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow), specifically in my left arm. I suspect this is mainly due to the volume involved with the sheiko bench programming. I used to bench with my pinky fingers on the rings, but since the elbow pain I have moved my grip out to the max legal limit. This seems to significantly help. For a long time after the symptoms manifested, I dropped all accessory tricep work from my programming as it only seemed to make it worse. Now I can perform tricep accessory work (dips, etc) if I use a floss band wrapped around the elbow throughout the movement.

In 2013 I ran the smolov meso cycle for my squat, which resulted in a groin tear from overexertion on the program. I tried to work around the injury and continued to deadlift, which resulted in bulged disk. After that I focued on bench press while trying to rehab the groin and back, which saw little progress.

At the end of 2013 I ran smolov jr for a second cycle going into compeition, which resulted in a minor pec tear on my opening attempt. After that I took 4 months straight off - the longest I’ve taken off since I started lifting in 2010, and most my injuries got better.

In December this last year I ran the Intermediate Small Load Prep Cycle I, and reintroduced backsquats into my programming as well as pulling sumo for the first time. After the month cycle my groin injury has reappeared, and I decided to stop pulling sumo and lay off back squats for now. Currently I can pull conventional with no issue, and can front squat with minimal aggravation to the groin.

Best Competition Results (in 100kg category):



Bench Press




Bench Press (in 90kg category)


Best Gym Lifts:



Bench Press:




Thank you for the reply Robert.

So to clarify on this - if you were doing step loading, would you leave the maxes the same through the 3 cycles (in this case, smallload  prep I, small load prep II, and Small load comp cycle) - then after the comp cycle, enter a new max? Then for example run medium load prep I, medium load prep II, and then medium load comp cycle, all while using the same maxes?

In week 2 of small load prep cycle II you work up to 104% on squat, bench press, and deadlift. I hit a 5lb PR on benchpress and a 25lb PR on deadlift during that day (I did not squat, as I am dealing with a chronic groin injury). So if I want to do the step loading approach, would I not enter these new maxes into the "set new maxes" in the info section?

Just want to make sure I am understanding everything correctly before moving forward. Thank you!

Requests / Bench-Only or Push-Pull Cycles for App
« on: January 19, 2015, 07:10:34 PM »

I think it would be nice if there were bench-only or push-pull cycles in the app as well.

I suffered a groin tear in April 2013 that never quite fully recovered, and am currently only doing push-pull with some front squats thrown in, as that's what my groin can handle (yes I have worked with chiropractors, PTs and sports massage therapists on the issue, it still gives me chronic problems unfortunately).

I am currently doing the normal sheiko intermediate programs on the apps but skipping the squats, and feel like there is probably a better way to structure the training given the focus is push-pull.

Just some input :)


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