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Started the 3 day Intermediate program in November, and competed last weekend.
I am a 54 year old male and compete in the IPF (unequipped) in Canada in the M2/105 category. I've been competing for three years and have set some Provincial records.

Previous meet (November 2017):
Squat: 192.5 (PR)
Bench: 127.5
Deadlift: 250

February 10th/2018:
Squat: 205 (PR)
Bench: 130 (tied meet PR)
Deadlift: 262.5 (new Provincial record)
WILKS: 359

Hardly setting the powerlifting world on fire but I am quite pleased with my progress. I had hernia surgery in April 2017 and thought I may not ever be able to lift heavy again. So far I'm holding up well, even with a rigorous program like Sheiko. I am considering trying the Advanced-Small Load next.

I did add a 4th workout day for bodybuilding-type exercises.

If I can survive Sheiko at 54, post-abdominal surgery, almost anyone can!
Thanks for reading!

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