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*Body weight before and after
They changed scales at the gym about mid program that seems to be at least 2kg off from the first one, so I can't answer this question. But my best guess would be unchanged or maybe +1kg

*Maxes before
Never tried actual 1RM's in squat and dl, so I used estimates for those.
Squat: 100kg - did 115 on test day and ran with that max for the comp cycle.
Bench: 100kg
Deadlift: 135kg

*Program - over/under 80kg
Intermediate medium load

*Did you modify it? yes/no
Not really. I only added some ab work once or twice a week. Didn't miss a single rep.

*Maxes after
Squat: 120kg
Bench: 100kg
Deadlift: 145kg

*Any other thoughts/feedback
My squat improved quite a bit and I have improved my technique a lot. Fantastic!

I didn't increase at all in the bench press which puzzles me. As I said I haven't missed one rep and I honestly never found it close to missing and it always felt easy. I think I'm gonna try increasing my
Max by 5-10kg for the next cycle...? Or what do you think?

Ill give it a try. If the last week or two won't fit I still think 12 weeks of the advanced medium load will give me more than another round of intermediate medium.

Another question though: I'm only third class sportsman and quite honestly I'm still searching for the perfect teqnique in all three lifts. Especially the deadlift which is the main reason i want to have two deadlift days rather than one. But - considering my level, should I perhaps exchange chains/board press and the like and just do normal lifts?


I have 12-14 weeks available before I enter a heavy work period where I won't be able to follow a program. So I'm thinking I want to squeeze as much out of these 12-14 weeks as possible, and then go into something else just focusing on maintaining strength until I can workout consistently again.

I have experience from the intermediate three day medium load program and while another round would fit 12 weeks, I feel like trying 4- days a week. Problem is - the 4-day (medium load) program has three prep cycles and thereby takes longer than 14 weeks.

What do you recommend? Skipping a prep cycle (which one?) or go 3-day again but squeeze in an extra deadlift day? Any advice is appreciated!


Eye of Sheiko / Deadlift
« on: September 18, 2016, 09:31:05 AM »
I've been fiddling with my teqnique for a while now and this is from my latest session


I've been having trouble with rounded lower back but this looks ok doesn't it?
I try to focus on leaning back with weight on heels. The downside with this technique is that I have to lower the weight quite a bit (as you can see in the clip, 120kg is slow. Usually my work sets are around 130-140.

What do you think? Am I onto something with this technique? Any comments appreciated

Universal Topics / Re: Help me find my weakness in deadlifts
« on: September 12, 2016, 07:26:20 PM »

Universal Topics / Help me find my weakness in deadlifts
« on: September 12, 2016, 06:31:47 PM »

I've been struggling with my deadlift technique for some time now, but every time I think I got it and ramp the weights up - I tend to fall back to my old ways.

I've been doing deadlifts for at least 15 years and never had any issues with injuries or the like. But about a year ago I filmed myself and discovered a terribly rounded lower back in my lift. This got me into reading up on how to deadlift, and I honestly think I've read it all. Big breath into belly, bar close, fight to keep chest up, engage lats, activate glutes by screwing in heels etc.

My issue is that as soon as the weight gets relatively heavy, I fail to keep my lower back arched. So a couple of months ago I lowered the weight significantly and focused on never letting the arch fail. This resulted in lower back pain for the first time ever due to training. I've read about over arching - but how do I know if it's a good arch or too much?

Working at a low weight feels great, but it bugs me that I can't go heavy - I can't even go "quite" heavy! To give you an idea of numbers: I can keep (what I think is) a good technique up to around 100kg. With a slight loose of arch I can probably go up to 140-150. This means that if I am to train with "perfect form", I'm not even getting tired. 100kg doesn't feel heavy at all - I just fail to maintain the arch. I miss that feeling of really having to work to get the bar up!

Today i did "deadlift up to knees" and filmed myself - and if i look closely there is a slight bump in the lumbar section as soon as the plates leaves the floor - I didn't feel this, I just saw it in the video. I'll see if I can manage to upload it in a bit.

I've tried to lower the hip in order to to keep the lower back arched, but that puts the weight back even more - I honestly don't know if ill get 120 off the floor with the low hip - but perhaps thats what I should do anyway? accept lower body weakness and restart with lower hip? I',m so confused and tired of not being able to work on actually getting stronger in the deadlift instead of fiddling around with form...

So what do you think? Where is my weakness? Which accessory work do you recommend?

I'm currently following the intermediate medium load program and just completed the first prep cycle. Overall I really like it but I have two issues:

Each session is too long
Not enough deadlifts

I could easily train 5-7 days a week if I thought that would be optimal, would swapping to one of the 4-day programs solve my two issues or are they equally long?

Another solution would perhaps be to extract a few sets from the 3 days and create a forth day that also incorporAte deadlifts?

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