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Universal Topics / What are your thoughts on RPE training?
« on: September 28, 2015, 05:30:57 PM »
Recently been reading about Mike Tuscherer's RTS, and it has interested me greatly. Not the intermediate program itself, but the underlying principles behind RPE training itself. Autoregulating intensity and volume.

While I'm not saying you could get it exactly like Sheiko, I feel like you could, at the very least, try to maintain the 68-72 RI. At higher reps, of course, due to the RPE factor making it hard to be at an RPE lower than about 7, but 68-72 nonetheless.

Instead of prescribing sets, use fatigue percentages to try to match a Sheiko-style programming method. As said above, keep the daily RI the same. But have the volume and RI autoregulated.

The three autoregulation methods I know of are: load dropping, rep dropping, and repeats. Any more?

Anyone ever think of trying something like this?

Universal Topics / Top-Down Programming? Thoughts? Suggestions?
« on: August 14, 2015, 02:59:16 AM »
Wondering if something like the programming below would be effective. Basically, what it does is it starts from the top, and gets more and more specific. For example, each year would be broken down into 3-4 blocks (depending on your goals). Say that you have three blocks for the year that are 4 months long each:

-Hypertrophy/Work Capacity

Within those blocks, you have sub-blocks, which make up each month for those 4-month-long blocks. Say that you're in the strength block. You may have 3 sub-blocks that are:


It would have blocks, just like the 4-month-long ones, but these would still be under the strength block. It would have a strength focus, and slowly increase the RI, while decreasing the volume. It would start out as more strength-oriented than, say, the Hypertrophy block, but this sub-block would still start with a hypertrophy phase, albeit one that has started with lesser volume and a higher RI than the hypertrophy block.

Within those monthly blocks, you'd have the weekly blocks. It's easy to see where I'm going. Within each month, you may have weekly blocks that are:


Say that you were working the hypertrophy block this time under the month-long strength block. This week would have a lower RI and a higher volume in comparison to the proceeding weeks, but would still have a higher RI and a lower volume than the month-long hypertrophy block.

To illustrate it better, I'll try to type it out easier:

Each year is broken down into, for example, three 4-month-long blocks. Within those 4-month long blocks, there are four 1 month-long blocks. Within those 1 month-long blocks, there are four 1 week-long blocks. Within those 1 week-long blocks, there are three 1 day-long blocks.

Basically, working from the top-down.

You may have, for example, have a hypertrophy day, while on a strength week, while on a GPP month, while on a strength 4-month block. Gradual changes, blocks within blocks within blocks.

I know Sheiko works. I've successfully used it for years, and have even trained more advanced clients using Sheiko cookie-cutter templates, like 29, 37, 30, 32, etc. (I believe they're former students' customized routines, correct?) posted online.

However, I've tried to find a general pattern with Sheiko and why certain set/rep schemes are used on certain days/weeks.

What would you say are the general ideas behind Sheiko?

Is it simply waving volume with a general, slow upward trend? Basically, prep, accumulation, transmutation, realization, repeat?

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