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I know there have been topics before related to this, but I do not feel that they've clarified the different aspect that I am interested in.

Often I have heard that the level that I am at I do not need any variations of the mainlifts, but only to keep hammering them. A few months ago I used to be weak off the floor in a deadlift, after doing lots of decifit pulls I have completely crushed that sticking point and find now that instead I am weak at the lockout of the lift, or rather middle point. My sticking point has shifted.

This is the first sticking point I got through, when it comes to the squat and the bench much improvement to the sticking points have not been made, I still have it midway through the lift on both.

My question is as follows, should I start incorporating variations to deal with these issues? I have seen little to none improvement by only hammering the form of the lifts.

And what would be the proper variations for countering these sticking points?

For the deadlift I have figured out that deadlifting from boxes and pausing at the knees help with the lockout form and strength. But as for the squat and benchpress I am more unsure. I would guess or assume that box squats and chainssquats would suit me more to help me active the glutes and sit back better as well as building a stronger lockout-speed from the hole.
Regarding the benchpress I have only guessed that dead-start(bench resting on the safety rack), band and chains would help me ( I do not have any boards).

Any suggestions?

Films of all the lifts are in the log.

Training Logs / Tyrwing's log
« on: June 23, 2014, 01:00:58 PM »
I decided to put a log here as well, usually I only log my training on the swedish forum Kolozzeum, but I thought it might be interesting making a log here as well for the recently released 12-week program.


3 years of weightlifting
1 year of competitive powerlifting
Swedish Powerlifting Federation (IPF)
180kg squat
110kg benchpress
225kg deadlift
515 total

I began weightlifting in october '11, at first I ran SL5x5 and then a variety of different programs. It would take until may '13 before I began powerlifting for my local club, despite training there for almost a year at the point. 150/80/190 was my first result. 2 months prior to that I had maxed 120/75/140 so with proper training and some comrades I was trapped in the sport.
After that I've run a few more comps, 5 including the first one, with the swedish junior national championship in classic raw powerlifting being the most recent. Currently I am preparing for district in autumn and then another round of nationals next year.

Prior to this log, I ran 2 weeks of CMS/MS-Prep but felt that it was way too heavy for me and decided to switch down to the re-made 12-week program.
Currently I am aiming for a 600 total in -120kg and hopefully within a few years I will become a decent lifter to challenge the open nationals in sweden.

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