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Hello everyone,

I'm currently on the 3-Day Under 80 KG program for the first time and enjoying it a lot! My question is, if you had experienced increased strength from the skill test in week 1 to the actual meet or if it was the same?

This would help me a lot to set the expectation and attempt selection for the meet!

A couple of questions!

1. Are there a spreadsheet for the new "20 Week 4 Day Program"? I can't find it in the sticky thread.

2. How is the "20 Week 4 Day Program" different from "CMS-MS Prep, 2, 3, and Comp"?

3. I have found a 4 Day 10 Week Universal Program online (chains, boards and such included). How is this compared to the "20 Week 4 Day Program" and "CMS-MS Prep, 2, 3, and Comp"?

Hopefully someone can help! I have searched far and wide on Google and here in the forums to get answers.

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