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Hello all,

Since 2017 i've trained with the Sheiko MSIC (fedorenko) schedule, and since november last year i've also used it as a base template for my offseason

in short :

squat, bench and deadlift follow either the setsxrepsxperc of the MSIC or are setup to be similar in poundage/intensity

Squat is devided in 1 day SSB and 1 day dynamic + hexbar (replacing the squat2).

deadlift follows the schedule entirely but has double sessions on each training, following the intensity and poundage of the normal MSIC excercise.

Using this has pushed my wrapped squat to 300kg, and powerbar DL to 345kg, DLbar DL to 365kg.

I have the opportunity to train during noon close to work and would like to add 3 supportive workouts :

- Active recovery(improve recovery time) , lats+rhomboids, the day after deadlifts on a restday
- extra bench+triceps/biceps so i can drop it from tuesday main session (time is limited the

My question is which excercises are suggestable, in what rep/set/weightrange

Active recovery : thinking reverse hypers and light banded rows to pump up posterior chain
lats+rhomboids : anything that eliminates lowerback+spinal erectors (was thinking seal row, wide seated row, lying bent over row with legs up)

the extra bench is because i usually have little time on tuesday and i need to work my arms more

Attached is a visualisation of the session

All suggestions welcome !

hello all,

from november onwards i'd like to receive online coaching from Sheiko.

I was wondering who has experience with this (i know benchpolkov and chreisz for example) and what they could share about it.

But also, how to apply ?

I've filled in the forum on the form and it just says "done" when finished, but i havent received a response since.

is this website dated and is there another way to contact him ?

The Sheiko app on android has build-in 3 day and 4 day schedules.

You are able to make a custom schedule from an existing one and you can delete, add and replace excercises.

But how do you add a day, if you are using 5 day schedules ?

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