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So im having meet coming up.

Started today the intermediate large load prep 2  (3 days a week).

So 12weeks time. Shall i do prep2 + prep2 and then competition prep?  It would be 4+4+4 weeks in total. Or how?

Beginners (3-day programs) / What to choose from the app
« on: June 12, 2016, 05:44:00 PM »

Im coming from #29-32 now and maxes are 205/130/230

What program i should pick from the android app?

It really doesnt pick anything for me it just shows the possibilities.


The app doesnt show or pick the program for me after i put my lifts in it. It just is that i can pick what i want myself.

Im coming from #29-32 and lifts 205/135/235(sumo)

What i pick? The big amount of volume is working good for me.


Hey all.

Problems with leg positioning and legdrive. Arch okay.

Without legdrive the setup feels not so solid. Im 197,5cm tall with long arms.



Universal Topics / A few questions about overall programming
« on: March 29, 2016, 10:05:48 PM »
Hi all,

So first, at the #32 (v1 i think), when it is time to test maxes and the excel suggests 105% as highest percentage, can i (and how much) go further if the 105% feels light?  And for how far can or should i go? Like my squat and bench technique has improved so much that i think the 105% is easy.

Second, the Android app (gonna use those programs after excels 29-32 are done, now at 30.) doesnt change the suggested program even if i change my maxes. Is it just after skill test days/maxes when it updates (like from small load to medium etc)?

And lastly, any suggestions for intra workout drink, since the sessions are rather long?

Thank you in advance,


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