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Biomechanics / "Close Grip" vs "Middle Grip" vs "Narrow Grip" Bench Press
« on: September 07, 2014, 11:24:03 AM »

First time posting, so not sure if this is the write thread to leave a post with my question  :(. Please feel free to move the post. :)

I am currently doing a sheiko program my friend recommended. It has the title "Class 1 & CMS".

In this program I have noticed three variations of bench press grip mentioned.

These are: "Close Grip" vs "Middle Grip" vs "Narrow Grip" Bench Press

I was wondering if someone knew how close these grips are meant to be?  ???

My thinking is that "Close Grip" and "Narrow grip" are actually the same, and here I am to bench with my forearms starting in a vertical position over my elbows, while the "Middle grip" is the grip that is in between my normal/wide grip and the "Close/Narrow Grip".

Could someone please clarify if possible?

Thank you very much.  ;D


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