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Hello all,

Since 2017 i've trained with the Sheiko MSIC (fedorenko) schedule, and since november last year i've also used it as a base template for my offseason

in short :

squat, bench and deadlift follow either the setsxrepsxperc of the MSIC or are setup to be similar in poundage/intensity

Squat is devided in 1 day SSB and 1 day dynamic + hexbar (replacing the squat2).

deadlift follows the schedule entirely but has double sessions on each training, following the intensity and poundage of the normal MSIC excercise.

Using this has pushed my wrapped squat to 300kg, and powerbar DL to 345kg, DLbar DL to 365kg.

I have the opportunity to train during noon close to work and would like to add 3 supportive workouts :

- Active recovery(improve recovery time) , lats+rhomboids, the day after deadlifts on a restday
- extra bench+triceps/biceps so i can drop it from tuesday main session (time is limited the

My question is which excercises are suggestable, in what rep/set/weightrange

Active recovery : thinking reverse hypers and light banded rows to pump up posterior chain
lats+rhomboids : anything that eliminates lowerback+spinal erectors (was thinking seal row, wide seated row, lying bent over row with legs up)

the extra bench is because i usually have little time on tuesday and i need to work my arms more

Attached is a visualisation of the session

All suggestions welcome !

CMS, MS, MSIC Program Archive / Re: Old MSIC cycle
« on: September 07, 2018, 02:48:01 PM »
I have a question about the MSIC :

In week 3 of the comp part. The final deadlift training ends with '4*4*90% against bands'

I was wondering what the reasoning is to have such volume and intensity, 14 days out of comp.

Filled it in after the GPC euros in June, and again 2 days ago.

Will send an email next 🙂

hello all,

from november onwards i'd like to receive online coaching from Sheiko.

I was wondering who has experience with this (i know benchpolkov and chreisz for example) and what they could share about it.

But also, how to apply ?

I've filled in the forum on the form and it just says "done" when finished, but i havent received a response since.

is this website dated and is there another way to contact him ?

You are in the high MS with those weights so i would highly recommand to use the 4 day program instead.

I personally found the advanced large load a very effective program as a building block to go from 650 to 766 total (IPF ruleset), and altered versions of the MSIC prep/comp for both offseason and actual competition to get training totals of 800+ before a stupid injury

The 3 day program has too little volume for you. I'd say the adaptation of the 4 days normal load or 4 days large load and see how that feels. if good continue. if too much, either run it again and see if better or switch to 3 days.

Universal Topics / Re: Doms from squats
« on: August 13, 2018, 10:51:18 AM »
DOMS on squats normally is part of the adaptation process. I repeat the adaptation(1) a few times for example, while seeing how you can improve recovery.

I'd strongly suggest foamrolling the painfull muscles to greatly improve doms recovery

Hello fellow lifters, I have been doing the 4-day program from the app called medium load advance. This is my first ever experience with a powerlifting program, (I have been lifting for a year prior to this) and thusfar I'm enjoying it very much. So to the main question, I was wondering if possible to remove the comp cycle and just restart the program but use the 105% attempt as new maxes? I'm not planning on competing until I have some more respectable numbers (thinking maybe a year or so from writing moment), the program has been going great and I started reading about sheiko 2 months before giving it a go, why I'm wondering if its possible to skip comp cycle is because I'm so far 4 weeks in on second cycle and I couldn't help myself to test max lift for bench and for deadlift ehich were my weak lifts. Before starting the program my lifts were (170/100 t & g/160) so I used maxes (170/110/180), so while testing my maxes I managed to pull a quite easy 180 deadlift, prior to program my max was an ugly 160 pull and managed a set of 3 reps of 110kg w/ 2 sec pause at chest on bench which shocked me since previous max was 1 rep on 100kg with ass coming up from bench. Basically it's been going good and I seem to be able to hit 105% that's why I'm wondering if I should cut comp cycle out and just do cycle 1-3 and use 105% as new max everytime I restart the program. And also I'm good at figuring my weaknesses and switching exercises to benefit them.

Thanks and best regards Kn94 sorry if/for sloppy writing Pwo kicked in hard.

No, you absolutely need to comp cycle. Go through adaptation, accumulation, transmutation and then the realisation comp cycle. And either have a meet on the meet day, or do a mockmeet of your own and threat it like an actual meet.

You can see where your weak points are and perhaps post a video here, and alter the variations in the schedule for the next period.

CMS, MS, & MSIC (4-day programs) / Re: Hi, new user and need some help.
« on: August 13, 2018, 10:07:32 AM »
A slingshot adds a fixed weight. For me the red one adds 23kg exactly. Benchpresses who have more speed, will get a bit more out of it. So its not a percentage. If you are using a slingshot i'd advice to ad xxkg to your max stat and work with the percentages based off that.

Bands are tricky. Try to get it so that it has almost no tention when its on your chest, and if you double them, they'll be at maximum tention when you lock out.

I fix them around the safety catchers somewhere

A gympartner of mine is following this schedule so i took a look and really liked the benchprogramming.

Currently looking around on how i'm going to make my next 'offseason sheiko' and i think i'm going to entirely take the bench of this one

Boris also mentions here that ... Sivokon went up to 3112...

I can't even get my head around that! Do you know, was this with 8 training sessions a week?

I am not sure but I would guess so to be able to fit all those lifts in. He also mentions that Sivokon used to do insanely huge bench pyramids.

How do your arm tendons cope with this huge volume, and do you do anything particular to protect them ?

I can easily cope with the fedorenko prep for squat and especially deadlift, but i'm having crotical tendinitis from the bench.

ellbow sleeves, NSAID's and cissus quadriangularis aid it a bit for me

The biggest issue for anyone on sheiko templates, is finding our what variations you need to improve on.

Finding what you need is always part of training.

Agreed. Thats why i'm comming here in the first place. Talk and discuss with people who also have knowledge about this amazing programming, and learn more.

The more years i've been on sheiko, the more you realise there is so much to be discovered to be honest.

CMS, MS, & MSIC (4-day programs) / Re: Having to miss days
« on: April 10, 2018, 02:09:39 PM »
Sheiko is about frontloading fatigue.

If you are increasing the volume you missed into the next workout, you'll suffer in the one after that.

I never miss a workout, sometimes a part of it (the second bench or squat session), and it will just mean i can train the next workout with shorter resting times between sets and reps.

CMS, MS, & MSIC (4-day programs) / Re: SLD instead of hyperextensions?
« on: April 10, 2018, 02:05:02 PM »
Hyperextentions dont tax the cns, or tendons and primarly put blood into the targetted muscles while decompressing the spine a bit

STLD do tax the cns and vertebra

Sarychev swears at doing a few high rep sets of hypers every time he walks into a gym.

Do an X-ray to make sure there isnt a bulge of lingering herniated disc waiting tot pop out in the L5-L4.

When i recovered from a severe S1-L5 hernia following an accident, for quite a while i couldnt pull from 1 block cause it was right on that disc. Now i'm a tall guy, so i recon you could have an issue with the disc 1 vertebra higher.

Really. Do the X-ray and dont say you lift cause otherwise they wont bother and be like "oh rest like 5 years".

Sheiko has

- squat
- squat with pauze halfway down
- squat with pauze halfway up
- squat with pauze in the hole
- squat against chains
- Front squats
- bottom up squats

but also

- deadlift
- deficit deadlift
- deadlift from blocks
- deadlift with reverse bands
- deadlift to knee's with 2 sec hold
- deadlift with pauze at 5-7cm below knee and than lockout
- 2* (1+1/2) deadlift
- deadlift against chains
- snatch grip deadlift

Here is the main thing :

Squats are simple to train. You'll train most muscles equally and all variants tax the CNS the same. Your bulk will be regular squats. The variations are only here to aid technique.

Pauze on the way down learns to lower quickly enough , if this is a problem
pauze on the way up helps you keep position when leaning forward, if this is a problem
pauze in the hole improves your starting position, if this is a problem
front squats help you keep upright, if this is a problem
Bottom up squats aid core stability., if this is a problem

only exception : Chains : learns you to keep momentum and work on middle sticking point

If you take a look at MSIC squats, its all squats and squat with chains

Deadlift however ... Full range deadlifts will tax the lower back alot, and other groups less. You need to split it up to target these specifically

deficit deadlifts : lower weight, no belt : more speed of the floor
deadlift to knee's : improves speed and power off the floor, no lockout means the tax on the lower back is limited
deadlift from blocks : big targetting upper back and lockout
deadlift with pauze to lockout : targetting middle sticking point and position
deadlift against chains : builds power to keep the speed over sticking point
reverse band deadlift : full range deadlift with more lower back involvement than blocks, but bigger overload on the lockout.

The biggest issue for anyone on sheiko templates, is finding our what variations you need to improve on.

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