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Title: Questions about Sheiko Gold
Post by: newbie123321 on May 12, 2020, 02:43:57 AM
Hi everyone, I'm pretty excited to start Sheiko Gold but i never used Sheiko before. I got a lot of questions so bare with me lol:

1) For the basic exercises, how would I know which 4 exercises to do/toggle (should I just toggle the ones I’m familiar doing)? If I’m weak off the chest, weak off the floor for deadlift and weak at the bottom for squat; how would you select the basic exercises? Just a lot of new variations that I have never seen before. I prefer to get experts view on these!
2)When I toggle 4 of the active basic exercises, do the other basic exercises appear throughout the programming?
3) How do I take full advantage of this app if I am looking to maximize my bench, squat and deadlift? Would setting competition date every 16 week be best in maximizing the big 3? If there’s a better way, please let me know. Also, why and when do people use the manual mode?
4)  After the 30 observation period, does the AI program 4x a week or we can set it ourselves?
5) For Additional exercises – how do you guys program your accessories? Back work everyday? – can you guys share what kind of accessories you do after your main work.

Thanks! Loving the App so far, really easy for users to navigate through.
Title: Re: Questions about Sheiko Gold
Post by: Robert Frederick on May 13, 2020, 09:24:00 AM
Glad you like it!

Start with Prep 1 and the default preferred exercises if you're not sure. Go through a few weeks of the app's programing for you after observation and see how it goes with new variations you get to try. After your workout, you are given the chance to rate how you think you did with them. Some variations you'll have a harder time with and you should give those a lower rating.

Once you've been using it for a while you'll see a snapshot of what you're good at and not so good at on the same screen where you set the toggles. The colored dots are your post-workout ratings. You could switch the toggles so that you devote more time to the variations you need to practice and improve.

Explore and eliminate all the weaknesses you can find. In Prep 2 you want to focus on lifting heavy in preparation for testing. So stick with variations that let you lift more weight (e.g. board press and slingshot). Those help you get comfortable handling near max weights so they don't come as a shock on test day.

Do as many workouts per week as you can sustain. If that's 3, then it's 3. Do 4 if you can. Just try to be consistent for best results.

The app will pick your accessories. So no need to worry too much about those.