April 11, 2021, 11:54:53 PM

Author Topic: Sheiko GOLD: Preparation Period II - do I need select new basic exercises?  (Read 1010 times)


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I was finally able to switch back to Sheiko training yesterday following the arrival of my Eleiko half power rack and powerlifting set.  After selecting Sheiko the App told me that I need to select by basic exercise variations.

Looking at the App now, I see that only four variations are active so assume it has used my chosen my selected frequently used exercises.  All the others have been deactivated.

So I guess my question is, should I stick with the same frequently used exercises from Prep Period I or should I consider switching them around to ones that may work better towards a 1RM competition lift?

And assuming there are no corrective exercises required, are there any specific exercises you would recommend?


Robert Frederick

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For Prep 2 I like to use variations that give you exposure to weights closer to your 1RM. For example, I'll start using the board press and slingshot bench in Prep 2. That way when the test day comes around it's not much of a shock.

The basic philosophy I follow in exercise selection is:
1. Find the perfect starting position
2. Get the bar moving as explosively as possible
3. Keep pushing and accelerating the bar
4. Get used to heavy weights

For that to happen I might use the following using the bench as an example:
1. Bench with a 2-sec pause at the sticking point on the way down
2. Bench with a 3-sec pause at the chest
3. Bench with chains/bands
4. Board press

For the competition period I'll trim that down to:
1. Bench with a 3-sec pause at the chest
2. Board press

During Prep 1 I'll do anything and try new stuff if possible. If I find that I suck at close grip bench, for example, I'll tweak the preferences so that I use it more often and hopefully make some improvements.