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Hi everyone!

I'm doing the under 80kg program and have now just got to the comp cycle.  I finished the skill test on day 2 and was wondering what will be the best approach if I'm not competing. From reading around, I understand my options are:
- finish the comp cycle as written, do a mock meet at the end
- just finish week 1 then use your new max to start another cycle

For people here that don't compete, what do you guys normally do ? Is there any benefit to finishing the cycle as written and try to max out again in 3 weeks? If I just finish week 1 then start a new prep cycle, is there any need to deload at all?

Sorry for the noob question, advice appreciated!

Which program exactly?

How high is the pins over your chest? Are you resting the barbell on the

The advance medium load prep 1 program, I would say the pin is about 2 inches above my chest, I just let the barbell touch the pin then straight up, no rest

Hi friends, first time poster here :)

I just started this program, since I don't have access to a board, I'm doing pin press instead and I've notice that it is weaker than my normal this normal? I was unable to finish the % prescribed to me in the program (week 1 day e)I start the lift from the top btw.

Any advice on how i should proceed? Continue doing pin press using lower percentage? Change to a different variation? Any help appreciated

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