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App FAQs
« on: May 14, 2017, 07:45:19 AM »
Many thanks to Lain for preparing this FAQ.  8)


What are the difference between iOS APP and android?
The main feature is the Sheiko programs and those are the same between app platforms.
Android app is missing Bench only program (May 2017) as well as some small features. Bench programs will be released very soon with a new android update.

What would be the best program to use (from app)?
Your classification determines your training cycles.

e.g. Class I – advanced
Load should be picked personally – try and move up or down or stay the same volume-wise.
The terms intermediate and advanced might not be the best to use. They show the order but the meaning really ends there. If the app recommended a 4-day program for you then that's a good place to start the thinking process. If you can't do 4 days per week then you could change it to a 3 day program. If the volume is way higher than you're used to then maybe you could change from medium load to small load or vice versa. So depending on extra info that you know about yourself personally you might want to change the program. But just based on the stats you used to set up the app that's the one to use.
The app follows the same system posted on the forum but there are also a few other parameters that matter (classic or equipped and male or female) besides weight and maxes. That said, if you have the time for 4 days and it's going well so far, keep going. Boris likes people doing the 4 day programs.

How should I proceed with cycles?
It is recommended to follow first preparatory cycles and then move to competition cycle.
After competition cycle you can consider to start next level.

Should I do the competition cycle if I don’t compete?
Yes, it will give you a chance to test your maxes. That will set you up for running your next prep cycle with the proper weights.

What to do if my competition is sooner than length of full program?
It is recommended to count backward.

How are front squat weights calculated?
Sheiko prescribes squat variations as a percentage of your back squat. He usually does front squat sets of 4 at 50% and 3 at 55%.  So the app is taking your squat max and using that for your squat variation.

Do I use the percent of my competition deadlift for the deadlift off blocks from below the knees?
Yes. All variations are calculated based on percentages of the competition lifts. For example, bench with chains might be 70% and deadlifts off blocks might be 90%.

When entering the weight used for DB bench should I use the total weight (ie both Dumbbells added together) or the weight of each dumbbell?
Whichever is easier for you. They aren't counted in your charts.
How to access notes of workout?

Android: My stats>History>Press the date of the training session you want to review notes of.
iOS: History>Press the date of the training session you want to review notes of.

Where can I record a bug?


The program for incline bench presses left the weight blank! What weight do I use?
For incline benches, use the new RIR feature to determine the appropriate weight. Work up to a set at the given reps so that your RIR is not greater than 4 and not less than 1. Then do the remaining sets with that weight. The next time you do incline benches the app will remember what weight you used last time.

Do I have to use the timer?
You don't need to use the timer but it is there for your convenience.


Are weights for accessories correct?
The android app overestimates the accessories so you need to adjust them according to your strength.