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*Body weight before
107 kg

*Maxes before
152,5 kg front squat, 135 kg Bench press, 275 kg deadlift

*Program - over/under 80kg

*Did you modify it? yes/no
Yes. I replace squats entirely by front squats, also sumo deadlift. When the program says good mornings I usually to stiff legged deadlift

*Body weight after
107 kg

*Maxes after
Front squat 165 kg, Bench press 140 kg, Deadlift 280 kg

*Any other thoughts/feedback
Really good results for only 12 weeks. Before I startet it I did the #29 with maxes 2,5 below the starting maxes here for front squat and bench press and 5 below for deadlift.

Universal Topics / Cardio
« on: September 01, 2014, 04:43:12 PM »
What are Boris, or anyone elses thougths on cardio. I want to do some cardio on my days off for health and general well being. I usually do it one or two times per week on the days off, I do a little running (about 2 km) for warming up, then kick-boxing on a punch bag and then running back for a total of 1 hour per workout. I also like to do a little additional grip and forearm excersize on some days off (grippers or persian clubs). I do the 12 week, 3 days/week program. So a week could look something like this:
Monday: Lifting
Tursday: grip training
Wednesday: Lifting
Thursday: rest
Friday: Lifting
Saturday: Cardio and grip
Sunday: rest

Universal Topics / Re: Sheiko effect :)
« on: August 14, 2014, 03:17:13 PM »
A couple of years ago when I tried Sheiko for the first time my total went up 40 kg on 4 weeks, the second time ~30 kg on 4 weeks. This time I haven't tested my maxes yet (on the 12 week program) but I have gotten compliments that my legs look bigger.

Universal Topics / Re: Deadlift (up to knees)
« on: June 25, 2014, 10:20:38 AM »
Doing deadlifts to the knees can fix your technique, for example, if you pull like the athlete in the picture below. When the barbell is near his knees the legs are already straight and the rest of movement is done by the back muscles only.

I suppose pic 1 is the correct form since the mass centre of the bar is closer to the body? Is this also the purpose of the deadlift to knees then, to learn to pull closer to your body?

What I have read the recommendation is what you say, to replace the second session with front squats. However if all workouts in the week only have one squat session I wouldn't replace the squats of one workout with front squats. Because then there will be one full week until you do conventional squats after that, which is a long time.

Universal Topics / Re: Question for Boris: Glute exercises
« on: June 17, 2014, 08:26:38 PM »
I am not Boris, but I hope my answer will help. Most programs include good mornings which is an excersise for glutes and hams.

Thank you very much for your answer. I am now doing program #29 with 2 squat workouts every week. How come I can only do Front Squats for one of those workouts and not both? Is it very different from conventional Squats? I can do leg press, leg extensions and leg curls.

Due to an injury I am not able to do conventional squats. However I can do front squats without any trouble at all. So I am replacing all squat sets with front squats? Does anybody have any experience with this kind of changes or anything similar? I would like to hear about your story then.

What's on your mind? / Re: Introduce yourself
« on: June 09, 2014, 08:20:25 PM »
*Where are you from?


*How long have you been training? How long have you been using Super-coach Sheiko's training?

In a gym with weights for 7,5 years. Powerlifting for 5 years. I have used Sheiko a few times before, program 29, 23 and 37. I am starting a new cycle next week

*Do you compete? Which Fed?

Not anymore due to injury. But IPF before.

*What have you totaled? What are your best lifts?

Best bench: 145 kg, Best squat: 205 kg, Best deadlift 280 kg. These were all done at a higher body weight. The squat was done many years ago, now I can't do conventional squats because of the injury. I plan my Sheiko cycle to be done with front squats instead.


I am 23 years old, weight around 105 kg at the moment, 196 cm tall. I also do a little bit of grip training.

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