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29 + 37
« on: December 29, 2016, 10:39:16 PM »
Hi there,

I'm a 51 year old man who's has been lifting for a few years. I am mainly interested in strength and love powerlifting, but have trouble committing because I like running and cycling too much not to indulge in long runs and rides in the summer which puts lifting on the back burner. But every fall I pick the wights up properly again. This time I discovered Sheiko and having had my main share of injuries I wanted something without much intensity and doubles at 85% sounded just about right.

I've been doing 2 month-cycles now... #29 + #37 I didn't trust this program because it is too light so I did the first week of #32 after each month to see where I was at and if there was any progress.

So I started with
a high bar squat of 115,
a bench of 117.5 (tested just before the cycle)
and a deadlift of 195 (conventional established a while ago)

those were the numbers I plugged into the spreadsheet

The squat was unreasonably low because I recently changed to high bar squats. My all time low bar squat is 152.5 and my sumo deadlift was like 197.5

So after the first cycle I ended up
Squat: 137.5
bench: 120 (did fail on the first attempt at it though)
Deadlift 200

I was ecstatic (especially about the deadlift.. first time pulling 200 :-), but still ... doubts

After #37 with these new numbers I did another first week of #32 to test myself./

This time I ended up with
Squat: 147.5
Bench 122.5 (failed at 125, but the 122.5 was so solid that I even attempted it)
Deadlift: 205

So .... what's the superlative for ecstatic ?

I thought about switching to something with a bit more intensity, but hey .. if it works ...

Guess I'll be taking #37 for another run.