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Dahmkooler...I found the volume to be perfect with no recovery issues except during the final week.  I had to reign myself in when the volume decreased but stuck to the compound lifts and sets/reps as described in the program.  During the final week leading up to testing maxes I had issues with hips/lower back which may or may not have been down to the volume.

Bodyweight before:


Maxes before:

Squat 80kg
Bench 50kg
Deadlift 90kg


Under 80kg


All minor assistance work (not deadlifts to knee) was changed to bodyweight exercises such as dips/push-ups/pull-ups/leg raises etc...

Bodyweight after:


Maxes after:

Squat 82.5kg
Bench 55kg
Deadlift 90kg

Additional thoughts:

Information on how to adapt/modify the routines when lifts do not improve would be useful.

Many thanks for the reply Robert!

I tested maxes yesterday and made disappointing gains so I need to reappraise and research my options.

Any recommendations on how to adapt the 3 day program for those of us who don't compete?  I'm coming onto week 4 of program #30.  Should I continue onto #32 and test maxes during week 1?  If so, should I use the (hopefully) new maxes to recalculate and just start again on #37? 

Universal Topics / Re: Swimming in very cold water
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I'd be very interested in any response to this as I sea swim trice weekly and winter temperatures will go down to 2  or 3 degrees from the current 9. 

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