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Body weight before- 90kg

Body weight after- 88.8kg

Lifts before-

Squat- 160kg

Bench- 105kg

Deadlift- 200kg

Lifts after 3 day intermediate medium load

Squat- 172.5kg

Bench- 110kg

Deadlift- 215kg (there was more there but jumped to 227.5 and failed on my third)

Modifications: Added more upper back accessory work and reverse hypers. 

In a slow cut to 83kg.  Next meet in August and will probably switch to 4 day medium load.  I really felt like the last 4 weeks were largely a waste.  My skill test numbers were 170 / 110 / 215.  I think I am able to peak very quickly and actually lost some strength in the bench press over the last 4 weeks, still very happy with the results for only twelve weeks.

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